[Desktop] Daily Mix on Desktop

I love love love the daily mixes on my phone, why can't it follow onto my computer?  That would make me so happy! 

Updated: 2016-12-16

We’re excited to announce that Daily Mix is now available on Desktop under Your Music. Be sure you're on the latest version of Spotify to get Your Daily Mix. Enjoy!


If you can't see daily mixes (I had the same issue) on a windows PC. I had to uninstal Spotify and redownload it from the website. Then miracuously my Daily mixes first found on my phone showed up on my pc.


For whatever reason the automatic updates weren't doing their thing. I did the uninstall/reinstall yesterday.


I cannot find my Daily Mix on my Desktop version.  I've looked under My Music, but it doesn't show up.  Is there a fix to get it to show up?

Try Deleting Spotify & reinstalling it.

So I guess the daily mixes get completey refreshed well daily! Just seems that a lot of tracks are still there from last week...


Where did it go? It's dissapeared in 2018?


big time newbie over here.

  • Loving Spotify on my droid. Daily mixes there immediately.
  • Linux desktop app - can't find daily mixes anywhere. No 'My Music' section either. Remove/purged and reinstalled.
  • Web app in Chrome - can't find daily mixes there either. Logged out and in several times.

Im not sure if Im doing something wrong or it's on the way, but thought it worth adding my voice.

Thanks for an awesome service.

Not sure about the Linux desktop but on Chrome I find it in the menu along
the top between Playlists and Songs. Hope that helps

Thanks very much for the response @mikejadamso.

I'm sure my confusion is due to my misunderstanding of the Spotify system.

You're right, I also have the section in the web browser in 'Your Library' > 'Your Daily Mix' (between playlists and songs) but it's empty.

I don't see where to find it on my Android. When I first joined, Spotify made some daily playlists for me straight away based on my slected preferences, and these were available in the 'Home' section. Theyre gone now and dont know where else they could be. I see other people say they only appear after a few weeks so maybe those first ones were just teasers or something.

The Linux desktop app also doesn't seem to have the Daily Mix section - again maybe it will appear.