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[Desktop] Equalizer for the Desktop Version

There should be an Equalizer for the Desktop version of Spotify.


Since Spotify's mobile apps now have an EQ setting, this should be implemented on the desktop version, too!
The EQ should come with various presets but also the ability to save your own custom settings.

Updated on 2022-08-10

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that the Equalizer option is now available on desktop - and is gradually rolling out to all users over the next week. You will be able to play around and customize the sound of your music for a better listening experience by toggling your Equalizer on your computers.




Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


Boom 3D is now stable for OS X for those on a Mac.  But of course you have to buy it, but pretty cheap.  FYI


Did you even read the post? I am a broke student, I can’t afford to pay for a basic feature like an equalizer as well as Spotify itself. I am on PC, hence my mention of the Windows Equalizer (which I can’t use because I can’t afford to activate my Windows OS). I just find it ridiculous Spotify doesn’t include an equalizer for desktop, but they do for the phone?


Your OP is titled DESKTOP.  What exactly does it hurt to offer a solution for OS X users?  Forums are for the benefit of the COMMUNITY.  Back to school snowflake.


There is an Equalizer for Android and iOS, There should be one for the Desktop version too. It's sooo basic I cannot believe this is not an already existing feature yet. Do it ... ASAP! Vote this up please people because it seems that the developers at Spotify are quite a lazy bunch and despite thousand of people already requesting this they have not implemented such a basic function. 
You know we also wouldn't really need an equalizer if some of your tracks wouldn't be so bad quality ..just sayin'. Anyway vote this up please! Thx


Hi everyone!, I have the desktop app on my laptop, I usually play a song track when I'm working and last time, I've noticed that this app doesn't have the equalizer. Maybe this improvement can be happen, please make it real!


Unfortunately my Mac audio system doesn’t sound the way I'd like. On Mac I can adjust sound for iTunes, but not for Spotify because Mac doesn't have system-wide EQ as iPhone does. Please add Equalizer, otherwise it sounds without treble.

(Mac + Topping DX7 Pro headphone DAC/Amp + Sennheiser HD650 headphones. In iTunes have to add +8-10dB @ 16kHz and +4dB @ 8kHz to get decent treble).


I see that this is case closed. That's pretty whack y'all. I don't trust a lot of third party apps with the ridiculous permissions they ask for, and the god-knows-what-else they bring to your desktop machine. It's a simple, reasonable, feature, that would not take an absurd amount of coding power to employ. Pretty feeble excuse that "a small subset of users use them". EQ's have been around forever, and whoever is in charge of this blunder should be ashamed. It's almost 2022. Can we get**bleep** together please? I just want to hear bass when I'm connected to my desktop for listening. That shouldn't be groundbreaking or cost prohibitive. 


With all due respect, I find making this "case closed" to be unreasonable. If you're going to have it on mobile then why cant the option be available for those on PC? I cant use my studio headphones through my phone for example so how am i going to mix the EQ the way that works? Yes, it may be an option few would use, but the few that would can really gain from it! I can't imagine why, or even how, it would be that hard to just have the option available across mobile AND PC users.


For anecdotal use, as someone that uses windows, I can't get the EQ option to pop up no matter what I try and/or whatever combination of settings I put in. Regardless of whether it's through headphones, speakers, or HDMI. 


End of the day, I highly suggest this opinion gets re-examined so that those of us without external/other options can have a way to optimize our personal listening experience.


Add EQ for desktop spotify. I think it's a feature users would like to find out about and personally adjust for their personal listening preferences. 


The enhancement suggestion (windows audio driver settings) is obsolete since Win10. Please add this! A lot of us are using Spotify on office computers where we do not have full privileges thus not having third party apps as a solution.