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[Desktop][Podcasts] Filtered by unplayed episodes

I noticed with the latest update that the 'Filtered by' unplayed episodes has been removed. If a podcast has over 100episodes it can be a bit annoying to scroll all the way down to the ep I'm up to. I can sort it from old to new, but I want to hide/archive the eps I've listened to please. Not everyone is up to the latest episode and if you sub to an old podcast with lots of eps, you really need this feature.

Just hitting play from the overview screen will play the latest/oldest (whatever the first file in the list is). If old eps where archived it could play the one I'm up to (as long as it remembers to sort old to new). 

Screenshot 2021-03-29 201908.jpg

Updated on 2022-09-08

Hey folks!

We're happy to announce that "Filter by unplayed episodes" is now available! 🙂
Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and for voting to make this happen.

  • This is a simple basic function for podcasts. I can't believe it even needs to be suggested. I shouldn't have to re-filter or sort each time I move around in podcasts. Very few people re-listen to podcasts unlike music. I hope it doesn't take long to resolve this. 

I don't understand why this feature was removed! I just had to scroll through 240 episodes to find a random unplayed episode in the middle of the chronological order to play something.


For some reason I can't vote on the original suggestion this is under but I agree! Sorting by unplayed episodes is a necessity for podcast listeners. I use Spotify mainly to listen to podcasts and taking away this feature has caused me annoyance as well as to listen less frequently to podcasts that I was not already caught up on in lieu of scrolling endlessly. Spotify, please give us back the "sort by unplayed" feature.


it would be much easier than scrolling


We should be able to submit podcast display settings and not have to add them back in every time we open the app. Additionally, there should be an option on the player from the computer that allows you to hide played episodes. It's frustrating that it's available on the mobile app but not on the computer. 


7 month later and still open ...


It's like they want to FORCE the users to change platform ... is this the reason why this is not implemented yet?


It has been months since this issue has been raised without any communication or feedback.  This important feature was standard on other services (and Spotify!) years ago. It may be time to unsubscribe from Premium and find another service since they are clearly in no hurry. 


Things like this that makes we don't wanna play for music or anything... like back to pirated stuff ... there you could fix things yourself ... now it's big companies, that ... to be honest ... don't care at all.


We pay for things to work ... now they don't ...


I guess Spotify is just a big pile of null.


I am still really annoyed by this. When I want to listen to new episodes, the default way is to hear the latest and go backwards. Who in their right mind WANTS to do this? I reorder from oldest to new, then scroll to the bottom to play them in order. Come on Spotify, this feature needs fixing!

If I am listening to episode 55 of 100, I'm lazy and don't want to manually queue up the next episodes. Just let me see where I'm up to, hit play, if the episode ends, it's automatically queueing the next ep in order of date.

I also noticed this feature is available on mobile, so why isn't it on desktop?



In an update previously this year, the option to sort podcast episodes by "unplayed" disappeared. This sorting option was very useful for podcasts with hundreds of episodes, as now I have to scroll through potentially hundreds of episodes to get to the next unplayed one. 

Please add the option to sort by "unplayed" for podcast episodes!