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Discount Family Subscriptions!

Before I made the switch from Rdio to Spotify they (Rdio) came up with a pricing model that allowed families to purchase a slightly discounted subscription.  


$9.99 for single unlimited user

$17.99 for 2 family members (20% discount)

$22.99 for 3 family members (50% discount)


Would love to see a similar pricing model so the rest of the family could get in on the action!

Updated: 2015-04-23

Hey folks! We've introduced Spotify Family. With Premium for Family, you and up to 5 members of the same household can each enjoy their own Premium account. All for one discounted price of $14.99.

Thanks for your kudos in the Community--we want your feedback.


How much will the Family Plan cost me after the promotional 3-month period is over?  I'm astounded that this cost/price info isn't ANYWHERE in the Spotify Ads (or even in the community postings I found).  Again, what exactly will I have to pay each month after the initial 3-month period?

14.99 would be great I would love to use a family plan!!

  I just cancelled my Spotify premium account. Spotify is unfortunately too slow to implement a family plan in Canada. Google play music now has the family plan for $15 for 6 members. Spotify will inevitably have to implement a family plan to compete but it doesn't always pay to follow the competition. I wish they stepped up first and started offering it a long time ago. I don't understand the holdup. It's been available in the US for quite a while now. I don't think the CRTC is blocking them from giving Canadians a fair deal on multiple subscriptions.

   Anyways, I likely won't go back. It was a toss up for me between google play and Spotify and the family plan was a deal breaker. Wise up Spotify. Quit gouging Canadians.


I really hope Spotify can match the $15 for a family of 5 pricing because I am not willing to pay twice as much and will just go with another service.


I've recently upgraded from reg Premium to Family,since we are 4 Spotify users in the family,My question is,Does Spotify reset my old payment for the existing 3 users (3x99sek)..or do i need to reset stuff and so on, Before we start to use the Family Subscription?


I like the family discount... but it is still extremely pricey. I have four teenagers and a wife.  All four teenagers want their own account, as does my wife.  With that pricing I'd be spending $35 per month, which is no better than student pricing.I don't really see that as being a great discount.


Here's my recommendation; make the first additional family member $5.00, second $2.50, third $1.25, fourth $0.70, fifth $0.35.  Or something like that.  The point is this; as a father I'm currently spending $10.00 per month for the service.  I have it running on one machine that all the kids and the wife share, now.  They hate it.  So do I, I can't run it while I'm at work because my wife has it on at home. I could buy just one more for my wife, but the kids will complain that they don't have their own, and my wife doesn't want me to do that (and she wins, cause she's hot). And I'm not spending $35.00 per month... I mean, seriously.  I could get each of my kids Amazon Prime accounts for that price!  Think about it. Price point is ridiculous.  You're a music streaming service, for heaven's sake.


So in summary, you get $10.00 from my family instead of $20.00.  And because it's tough for us to share one account, we'll probably look elsewhere before too long.

Dimpastato, after the family trial, it's 29.99/mo for the family. I've been paying for the 10/mo for premium for myself now for about 2 years and just joined the family trial. 29.99 really seems fair to me considering that is up to 5 premium subscriptions and it's usually 10/mo per person. I had a hard time finding the out of trial pricing also, if my memory serves me, I found it when confirming the account change in the fine print hyperlink. Would be nice if that info was easily available! If I find it, I will post it so you all can see.
I totally agree with 14.99 a month for a family plan ( as in at least 3 or 4 devices being used for Spotify listening offline - since that option is through premium only -simultaneously add free) Hulu & Netflix do this for viewing movies and TV for only 7.99 a month ONE ACCOUNT OF A ONCE MONTHLY PAYMENT OF 7.99 that plays on several devices, playing different movies, TV simultaneously on whatever my kids, husband or me are watching(5 different shows at a time on 5 devices sometimes!) PLEASE MAKE THIS POSSIBLE FOR SPOTIFY AND I'M IN FOR PREMIUM!! (even if some 30 second adds must be used to make it possible) THANK YOU!

I need to find out some basic informatin regarding the family plan. However, Spotify has ZERO phone support. I just need to know, can we convert our 4 individual plans into a family plan and retain all of our own playlist, songs, etc.? In other words, does each individual that I invite to join the family plan need to sign up for a new account or can they use thier existing account?


Been waiting for a long time to see Family Subscriptions come to Canada, still nothing.  All the while Google Play Music now offers a $14.99/month for "you and up to 5 family members".  Now that our kids are starting to use Spotify, and besides some of the ads not really being appropriate, we would like to get them into a family plan of some sort.  Time to evaluate Google Play Music.


We could hold off for a bit if there were *some* sort of ETA given but at the Spotify Family page when I logon it simply states as always, "Family currently isn't available in Canada. Stay tuned!"