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I think it would be a good idea if you can browse through the music catalogue by genre.

(Clicking a genre should open a new page with popular/new releases of this genre to discover new music.)

Hey guys! Within our Browse feature you can click 'GENRES & MOODS' which directs you to page filled with playlists for each genre or mood. We're going to go ahead and mark this one as Implemented. Thanks!


Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 1.23.38 PM.png


We do have ways of being able to search by Genre. You can find ways to do advanced searches right here.


I would add to abb)r's recommendation by adding that if each song was associated with a genre, it would make it easier to navigate through my library.  I find myself having to create individual playlists just so that I can listen to my indie rock collection.  


I know the advanced search. What I ment was, that you can browse trough the gerees with a page where the newest realeases are shown.


Just like in iTunes.  Searching by album, artist, track is usless if I really want to discover new music.  


Hi all, I dit search for genre like genre:jungle and did not find any entries. But if I search for the artists from this genre I can find songs:


I can also not check the current stream for any classificatins... how I'm able to view the current song tags to identify the genre sorting in spotify?!


Furthermore with songs from this genre like "Guess - Gabbie & Origin Remix from DJ Krust" I will not be able to create a radio station?!


If I take a look to other platforms the song is marked as JUNGLE/DRUM'N'BASS:but the only right genre is JUNGLE.I would like to split my Playlists to the classic subgenres from TECHNO. Ambient, Drumm&Bass, Jungle, Trance, Accid, House, Hardcore etc pp.



You forgot Christian music genres in your  list  (alternative, worship, pop, etc )


Added "(Clicking a genre should open a new page with popular/new releases of this genre to discover new music.)" to the description to make it clearer what the author wants and also to make sure that it's not confused with the genre search that is already possible. 😉

Status changed to: Up for Votes
Changed back to "new idea" status - once this idea reaches 40+ kudos the Spotify staff will review it again and decide on a new status. ~ Peter
Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

Genres we can create by creating Radio lists with music of this kind of genre, but... it would be really better to add meta data to the songs itself, like MP3 meta data... in Spotify we can only search for three kinds of meta data, that is absolutly not enough, title, playlist and artist... some songs can be placed in a lot of genres, so in the meta data all genres should be listed in a prioritised order