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With the new Xbox one coming out and it not supporting flash, I believe Spotify needs to revamp their site to support HTML5 also, flash is a bit old, isn't it? I think this will greatly improve the experience on the site as well. <br><br>Thank you.

Updated on 2017-11-10

Hey everyone! We can confirm this very popular idea is now fully implemented.  The new Web Player uses HTML5 technologies solely. Thanks for your continued feedback in the Idea Exchange!

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Yes! Please kill Flash already! HTML5 for the win! I can't wait! This is your move now Spotify! :)

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Can we have an update on the status of this idea? Is it in the work? Thanks guys, I love Spotify :)


Please man.. two years has gone, 2015 and flash player still alive... shame on you!


The only device I can access spotify with is my phone. Until that changes I just can't become a paid subscriber, even though I really want to. Spotify works better than every other streaming service that I've tried in every other way. There is less lag, a more comprehensive library, suggestions that make sense, and what feels like a more intelligent radio. But I use FreeBSD on all of my home PC's, so no native client and no flash.


Even if that weren't the case, as so many others have mentioned flash is on it's way out. It never worked well to begin with anyway. HTML5 is the future. Firefox has bowed to pressure and will incorporate DRM. So basically you're running out of excuses. We shouldn't have had to beg for this long, especially to a company that seems to actually get technology and how to make things work well.


So please, HTML5 sooner rather than later.


I'm a paid subscriber (since 2014).


Since the new browser in Windows 10 'Edge' will not support Flash, I was wondering whether an update to HTML is needed.  I still want to be able to play Spotify under Windows 10 at work when it's rolled out at our company. This will probably be in 2016, so one year left.


Best regards and thanks for creating Spotify - I'll love it.


News came out today of a critical Flash security vulnerability that's been around for years, exploited and sold by the Italian company "Hacking Team":


This is just one more instance where requiring Flash for Spotify is harmful to users.


Because of the latest Flash security fiasco, my employer has blocked Flash by default and I still haven't been able to whitelist Spotify. 


Unfortunately, since one of the main reasons for having a premium account is to listen to music at work, it seems that I will have to cancel my subscription after less than one month. darn.


Would come back to spotify as a premium user ( now a premium deezer user)  if they finally get rid of flash player. 100%

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20 months later and flash is still awesome in the eyes of the spotify web player devs. The recent hacking team incident should really REALLY be an eye-opener for them, but more likely it just gets a shrug.

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Spotify is akin to a 60 year old man not wanting to buy a cell phone even though they ripped the copper lines out of his building 2 years ago, then wonders why nobody ever calls him, gets mad and blames everyone else. So MANY other options, Flash is literally dead.

I'm sure you know about this but thought to share in case.

Other articles on the hackers being hacked ha!

Oh and by the way some pretty big companies are STILL calling for the death of Flash. Apple, Facebook, Google just to name a few.

Google has made HTML5 the default player on YouTube, FireFox disabled the plugin (you need to manually enable it), Chrome has disabled the built in flash player, FaceBook is calling for a "kill date", Steve Jobs has always been against it therefore Apple users get no Flash support.


It is time for the developer network (Spotify included) to abandon these archaic relics of time long past its usefulness.