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Integration of Spotify and BMW Connected Drive

It would be great to be able to manage Spotify through BMW iDrive, either by a dedicated Spotify app on BMW system or at least by a connection of iDrive controls with Spotify app on the iPhone.

Updated: 2015-09-17
Since Spotify is now available for BMW Conected Drive on the iPhone, we'll mark this topic as 'Implemented'.

If you're on Android - please add your kudos to this idea here:
[Android] Integration of Spotify and BMW Connected Drive - Android


Thanks everyone!


I sent an email directly to spotify custoner support today regarding this issue.

The quickly replied, an here is their answer :


"Hey there,

Thanks for getting in touch with us. We understand you're having concerns with BMW Connected Drive. No worries, we're here to help.

Many thanks for reporting this. Our tech folks are currently looking into it. A fix should be on its way soon!

If you have any further questions, let us know!



Spotify Customer Support "


I hope that we can trust Spotify here and that they are seeking a solution for this unnecessary**bleep**.




I have pushed Spotify for an update :


Here is the latest answer from them received on January 8th 2019 :

" Hi there,

Thanks for getting back to us.

We understand that you're still having issues with BMW ConnectDrive. We received a lot of reports about this issue and we're currently working on a fix for it.

Thank you so much for reporting this. We know that this must be frustrating as it's taking a while, but hopefully it won't be too much longer before we've resolved the issue.

Thanks again for your patience, we really appreciate it.

If there's anything else we can do for you, please let us know.

Have a good day,

Sophia C."

Spotify Customer Support


Thanks for your reply.
I recieved a update for Spotify but now the Spotify symbol don't even show
in the BMW....





Everything works as it should on the ID4 version except the Spotify logo being cut off.




it is still not working with iDrive 6. I was using Spotify as a premium user for about 4 years but I am quitting. They have so shitty developers that they can not handle a simple implementing issue. To be honest they should change their entire dev team as it is a joke that it is not working for more than 6 months. Spotify also works shitty with new Samsung OneUI. Shame on you spotify. 


Still not working on BMW 4 2015, NBT.

I see no Spotify in BMW APPS on any Android phone 7/8/9).


OK, i missed its about iPhone - mea culpa.


Can you please make sure that it's actually working as well? Make sure that it doesn't start playing the selected playlist somewhere completely different every single morning.


I have contacted BMW about this though, hopefully they can put som pressure on Spotify the get**bleep** togheter, but honestly I have low hopes.


I have a bmw 2016 f34 using Samsung S8 with android 9 and no chance to connect..... Please do something 


Has this issues been fixed? It's still really patchy trying to connect to the iDrive I have to mess around turning Bluetooth off and disconnecting phone for Spotify to connect.



Seems to just randomly decide to connect and show the car mode screen.  Most of the times when I connect via bluetooth the app just thinks it's connecting to a normal Bluetooth speaker and not the car mode.


What are the proper steps.i should take to get the Spotify app to show up in iDrive?