[Last.fm] Scrobble Tracks played offline

Let's have Spotify locally save all mobile offline play history and write it to Last.fm scrobble list when you turn it back online. Even better - a Spotify play history on desktop and mobile applications that tracks all play history online or offline.

Updated on 2019-07-11

Hey folks, 


Sorry for the delay, looks like this one slipped through! 


There was an update to Last FM last year which introduced offline scrobbling. The update also means scrobbling works on the Web Player and over devices on Connect. As mentioned by @hans-jürgen, you can check out the article from Last FM here.



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This is, literally, the only thing stopping me from using spotify exclusively.  Knowing my iPod touch or ipad will scrobble when I sync to iTunes, but spotify won't, means I'm much more inclined to listen to tracks using the iPod app instead of spotify when I'm out and about.  Surely the more people using spotify, the better things look for you guys, and I believe a lot of folk will be in the same boat as me.

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But scrobbling spotify tracks played offline worked fine in other versions of iOS. it's a bug!

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Oh it dId? Lol right then...  Spotify has only been available in new Zealand for about 6 months or so, and it must have been broken before that :/. How disappointing to learn.

+1 This totally needs to be done. I have data disabled almost always due to battery drain. Offline scrobbling would be awesome!

It used to work properly on past iOS app versions.

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Yes, it's a bug. But I can't believe that the team is working on it since March..




Yeah this definitely used to work on Android this summer before a new update broke it.


i'm glad i found out about this bug while on my free-month premium trial.


i just got my first iphone...and i look forward to continuing scrobbling to last.fm through spotify on the go!

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The application already caches track plays when last.fm goes offline, so I can't see this being hard to implement!