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Make a gender neutral option for profile sign up

Instead of choosing from Male/Female I'd like to be able to choose Other in the profile options for gender.


I understand this is used for marketing purposes in the grand scheme of things, but many people don't fit

into the two categories offered.





Updated: 2016-09-16

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of a non-binary sign up option to Spotify. Starting this week, we’ve enabled non-binary sign up to Spotify on Android in the U.S., U.K., Sweden, Australia and New Zealand. The option will follow in more markets and iOS soon. Enjoy!


ATTN: Hat size is even more relevant than gender for targeted marketing!  Very large hat sizes are correlated with dreadlocks, recreational cannabis use, and a passion for reggae music.


I basically lie about everything now on these crappy user data forms, since there is no way to influence the data collection, or the ethics surrounding it.  Clearly when it comes to user data, quantity is better than quality or accuracy anyway.



Thanks for nothing! For Gender, pls use English and don´t rape my German Language.


yeah, thrilled you are. for sure...

guys, we need your help. in spotify russia hasn't non-binary gender, i wrote them about it, but no changes as the year.