[Mobile] 'All Offline Tracks' in Main Menu

Status: Implemented

It would be really easy and smart to have a single option in the main Mobile menu that says "All Downloads," and to allow users to filter this list by album, artist, label, compilation or playlist. 


So much easier than the current method of having to find downloads via routes you already created. More importantly, your current avenues for seeing what has been downloaded does not always reveal all downloaded content -- even if it has been downloaded and marked "available offline."

Updated on 2019-12-04

Hi everyone.

It's now possible to filter Playlists, Albums and Podcasts by Downloads. Since this was the core of this idea we're setting this to Implemented.

Compound ideas are often hard to set to implemented because of the combination of requests, to that end, if anyone would like additional features we recommend creating a new and separate idea per feature.



What are we saying then, has this actually been implemented? Has anyone seen this feature appear?


No, haven't seen it yet - on 8.14.6 . The way Spotify rolls out software only select users see new features, then they watch metrics, performance, errors, etc before they enable it across the whole platform.  This is a little old, but covers the idea:


Will this come to Android soon?


I can't see "downloads" on my menu ?


So, nice to know that was already implementent in mobile! But it was created only on IOS! And nothing on androids... please dont forget thoses one that used android!! Thank you


Definitely want this on Android!


Mine doesn't have downloads????


How is this not a thing?? Cmon Spotify your software is garbage as far as handling ones mix of offline and streaming content. This needs to be implemented on desk top as well as windows mobile.


Related is that you can't search when in offline mode. Loss of album art when offline... list goes on...


PLEASE, just get the groove app from MS now that they are clsoing it down. It's multiplatform and is soo much better than what you offer. Just re-enginneer it to work with spotify services


Here's what  it looks like in groove (simple press on the 'filter' brings up the options.



Hmm, that upload of pictures was a fail...




Env: prod