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[Mobile] 'All Offline Tracks' in Main Menu

It would be really easy and smart to have a single option in the main Mobile menu that says "All Downloads," and to allow users to filter this list by album, artist, label, compilation or playlist. 


So much easier than the current method of having to find downloads via routes you already created. More importantly, your current avenues for seeing what has been downloaded does not always reveal all downloaded content -- even if it has been downloaded and marked "available offline."

Updated on 2019-12-04

Hi everyone.

It's now possible to filter Playlists, Albums and Podcasts by Downloads. Since this was the core of this idea we're setting this to Implemented.

Compound ideas are often hard to set to implemented because of the combination of requests, to that end, if anyone would like additional features we recommend creating a new and separate idea per feature.



YES!!! Please!! (for android!)


100% agree! For me, it is absolutly necessary because I cant use my internet outside my appartment because my 3g sucks. So I relay on my offline albuns, and its a struggle to find them among all my saved albuns.


Seriously it's a pain in the **bleep** to toggle to offline mode and then to find what content is available once you do.


That's exacly what I were looking for. It would be a great new feature! 


Hi, this would be a really cool feature. Currently, you can only use this behaviour (tested on iOS):

Step 1: You force the Offline mode from settings

Step 2: You select the option to show only numbers that can be played


This results in seeing all albums and playlists but when you enter them, only the offline numbers are displayed.


So the solution would be to add an option "Show only playlists that can be played". This would be a cool workaround!


Or there must be a filter for offline playlists only! Hopefully the iOS Spotify developers will add this soon! 🙂


I'd like to choose song by song that i want to delete from downloaded songs also!


Why isn't this a thing already??? Wasn't it possible before?


This is great news indeed, is it just on iOS currently though?

I'm on android version and can't see it yet.


I don't have that menu in my Iphone 6 with updated IOS. The spotivy version seems to be updated too and it is 




Just updated to and still cannot see all my downloads in a single menu