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[Mobile] Change Profile Picture on Mobile

It would be nice to have the possibility to change profile picture via mobile instead of through only desktop as it is now. Many thanks for developing this feature 🙂

Updated on 2020-03-12

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea.

You can now change your profile picture on mobile!
There's more on this here, and here.


My profile picture was hacked on my iPhone  and on my computer is shows i still have my actual profile picture and i don’t know how to chang the one on my iPhone so this would be really useful


We need this!!


Or at least on the website......


My computer is also broke at the moment, but I only have Spotify on my IPad anyway, so it'd be really nice to be able to add a profile picture using the mobile app.


Although I use my phone and PC's to access spotify, it would be really nice if the application to mobile allow us to change our profile picture, because most of my photos are on my phone




Yes great idea


I absolutely agree with this idea. I am not at all pleased with the fact that Spotify makes it so difficult to a task as simple as changing a profile picture. The profile picture is something fun and unique that each person should get to change. It is part of what makes the app fun, and sets each person and their music tastes apart. 


Yes please because I have had Spotify for awhile and ALL literally ALL my friends use their computers and have pfp (profile pictures) my friends ask me why I don’t change it and how my account is horrible and I have more songs on my playlists then them so it just annoys me


Yes, please make this happen!!!  Thanks!!!