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[Mobile] Multi-Select Add/Remove Songs from Music/Queue

Make the Ability to select multiple songs at once and Removed/Add From Music and Add or remove to/from queue using the swipe feature


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Updated on 2021-01-25

Hey folks,


Thank you once more for requesting this.


We can confirm that, together with the option of clearing the whole queue with one button, the following options should also be available (both on mobile and desktop):


  • Add selected songs from the Next From to the Next In Queue sections in your Queue
  • Remove selected songs from the Next From as well as the Next In Queue sections in your Queue


Friendly reminder to make sure both your device's operating system as well as app's version are fully up-to-date in order to make the most of the latest Spotify features 🙂


If you're interested in the option to add/delete multiple songs at once even outside the queue or Next From section, take a look at (and give your +VOTE to) this Idea.



Status changed to: Up for Votes
Updated: 2015-11-28

Marked as new idea. This idea is in reference to the specific gestural control demonstrated above.


As a ux/ui designer, I have to disagree with this implementation. I support select all, none, inverse, but not through gestures. It's been proven time and again they are inaccurate, error prone and represent hidden functionality. I would hate to accidentally include stuff that I don't want because of this gesture. Realistically speaking, those that create playlists and curate music do so on desktop platforms most. Phones are mostly used for listening and quick browsing. This is because if you're outside, you don't have accuracy while walking, while, if you're at home or at the office, you can use the desktop app instead of the mobile one (heck even the web version).

I DESPERATELY need this option, and find that working with playlists (adding/removing songs from lists) is THE most bothersome, time-consuming part of Spotify. Your suggestion sounds great, and/or just more flexibility w dealing w multiple songs at once. As for the reply above, that most ppl make playlists from their computer - this is totally false. Most of my friends never even use Spotify on computer and neither do I. The phone apps (I have both a Samsung 6 phone (android) and an iPad) are FAR easier to use than the computer program. I can make up a playlist in half the time it takes me on a desktop/laptop. Everyone is different, and I respect your opinion, but most everyone I know does most everything from their phone or iPad/Notebook. But back to the point, lighten up on playlist restrictions - let us choose multiple songs and let us move playlists around as well? Thanks for your time, Spotify Addict Kitty

Seems like a natural progession of the gesture demonstrated in the .gif. +1


awesome idea! - would be nice, if this would be applicable also for removing multiple songs from a playlist. 


I think this should be on all portable devices such as tablets and cell phones.  I think it'll be  a really nice add on to Spotify.


I agree this would be useful for creating playlists as well!!!!


WP 8.1 and W10M as well please!


Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it
Updated: 2016-02-16

Hey everyone, we're marking this as a Good Idea. Keep leaving your kudos and comments here, thanks!


Awesome Idea! I`d use this so much! Please as well bring this to Android Devices, as I´m using both Android and IOS