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[Mobile][Other] Clear button for queue



I want to buy spotify premium but spotify doesnot allow users to clear all songs in the queue.

If we have hundreds of songs in queue and want to remove them, we have to select one by one on our mobile device and i personally feel this is not a good option for me.

It will be good if we can have an additional feature to clear the queue with the click of a single button too.

I hope you can take this into consideration.

Updated on 2020-12-17

Hey there folks!


We have good news - Now you can clear all queued tracks in just one tap!




Thanks for your +Votes and patience!



Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2020-07-23

Hello and thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange. We've marked this as a new idea.
Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.

More information about how the Spotify Idea Exchange works can be found here.


Yes! Please add a Clear Queue button! The fact we have to clear the queue one song at a time is ridiculous in my opinion since we’re paying for premium service.


Agreed, the queue system on Spotify is really poor compared to Youtube Music and Apple Music. I avoid queuing up a lot of songs because it's such a pain to clear them.


There is a Clear Queue button on the desktop app. Would it be so hard to add it to the mobile app? It sure would help. A previous idea with the same request got 90 votes before being marked inactive 😞


I think it is ridiculous that we have to vote to have such a basic feature even evaluated! 

All other music apps do not have this problem.


I would also like to suggest a way to remove multiple songs by simply tapping and holding one circle and dragging your finger down to select multiple songs, instead of tapping on songs individually > Tap on REMOVE.


Think of the way a user selects multiple emails in iOS Mail app.


I just migrated to Spotify from Google Play Music, and… I can't believe that this basic functionality is not in Spotify already? How on earth is this not a thing yet? You can't honestly expect users to manually select every single song in the queue or skip through all the songs to clear the queue. On Google Play Music it was a simple case of clicking on three dots for more options and then clicking 'clear queue', couldn't be easier.


Please implement this feature, its absence is infuriating and is making me rethink my move to Spotify Premium.


I really hope this "feature" or "new idea" is added soon. Should this be considered a new idea though? Isn't this just some basic functionality of a music player that's been overlooked? Or intentionally left out for some reason? I've just started using Spotify. I have the app on my phone but I'm currently using it in-browser (chrome) on my desktop and not seeing a clear queue button. Very strange. Thanks to @jaba23  for flagging this and starting the discussion.


This feature is needed when it's so easy to add an entire playlist to queue. Just finished removing 100 christmas songs manually.


I had a trial of Spotify Premium and I enjoyed the selection and quality. Even one of my fav podcasts is now solely on I REALLY wanted to make the jump. However, not having this feature was single-handedly the sole thing that kept me from switching.


Such a basic common-sense feature.