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[Mobile][Playlists] Remove Apple Watch 50 Song Limit

I am so grateful that we finally can download Spotify playlists on the Apple Watch, but I was pretty disappointed to find out that there is a 50 song limit per playlist. I’m not sure if that is on purpose for formatting or storage concerns, but I would love to see that limit removed so that I can download full playlists to my Watch and listen to all my music without having to have my phone on me. 

Updated on 2023-07-05

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that now there’s a limit of 100 downloads per playlist. There's more info here.


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


I just found the 50 song limit on my first day having the watch.  I wanted to use spotify as my go to app, but I have a couple playlists I use that I use which I don't really want to cull to 50 or less.


I use one of them regularly on my long distance runs.  This seems like an arbitrary limitation.  Perhaps related to performance, but who knows.  Seems off to me.


The thing is that there is not a limit for Apple Music, and no one would have any problem if Spotify would at least communicate the problem to us. And to be honest it can’t be a big problem to at least increase the limit to 150 or something like that.


How can I remove this limit? I have 25 GB free space on my watch.


Spotify owes its customers an answer on this, now.


I recently got an Apple Watch v7. I was already aware of this Spotify limit and considered switching to Apple Music which has a 150 song limit. I just don't like Apple Music as much - for one, it's missing a feature like Spotify Connect that makes it easy to play through my Sonos speakers. So I decided to just deal with this Spotify annoyance.


I took my monster playlist and created 35, 50-song playlists titled "Running1" to "Running35." I have downloaded 20 of these playlists to my watch and there's plenty of space left. When I run each day, I use the next sequentially named playlist. 


No, I don't like this silly limitation, but the joy of running and listening to music without my phone is so cool.


I’m not sure if anybody brought that up already but I just switched from Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (Wear OS) to an Apple Watch Series 7 and found out that the differences in the overall user experience and features of the Spotify app between both of the operating systems are HUGE:

  1. In Wear OS you can browse through your playlists and select the ones you wish to download straight from your watch whereas in Apple Watch OS you have to interact with your iPhone’s Spotify app in order to start downloading playlists.
    IMG_0901 Large.jpeg

  2. In Wear OS you can download your Liked Songs playlist to your watch!!! Yep, thats right - you don’t need to create copies of your Liked Songs playlist just so you can download it to your watch like you would have to do with your Apple Watch.
  3. And above all, in Wear OS app there is no limit (at least not that I know of) for the amount of songs that can be downloaded per playlist to your watch, whereas in Apple Watch OS, as you already know, you can only download the first 50 songs of each playlist to your watch. 
    IMG_0900 Large.jpeg

As a software engineer I find it very difficult to believe that such huge differences between the apps of both of these operating systems are justified. It’s either Spotify’s Apple Watch OS engineering team is very poor compared to their Wear OS engineering team, or they are facing some restrictions by Apple that we are not aware of, that were intended to make people switch from Spotify to Apple Music. Either way, I really don’t like the fact that it’s been over a year now since this thread was submitted and we still didn’t get any official answer/explanation from Spotify for this ridicules limitation.
Very disappointing.


Bought an Apple Watch to listen to my songs during workouts. Year 2022, my apple watch has 32gb and spotify only allows me 50 songs in a playlist, are you serious ?? Can‘t imagine one single reason, why this would be smart


This really needs addressing. Spotify offline on Apple Watch is pointless to me with the 50 song limit.


Imagine being the largest music streaming service to ever exist and they still won't put the money in to fix this for almost a year. Give us what we want!!!!


In addition to the playlist limit, another issue I have encountered on the Apple watch 7 is that the download list won't display more than 50 downloads! 50 seems to be a popular number with Spotify. So because I have downloaded more than 50 podcasts, all my song playlists can't be accessed. I can only see them via the edit downloads option, but all I can do from there is remove them. I don't want to remove them. What's with the all these strange limitations?


Would be nice if the edit downloads menu had the option to move the order of the downloads around. Being able to create folders would be great too.