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[Mobile] Please bring back the old group session. "Play from same device"

The old group session, "play from same device option" has been removed and it has saddened many people. It seems the only group session option is now remote group sessions, where the music is played on each individual device.


This group session, "play from same device" feature was personally one of my favorite features of Spotify. When it was first introduced, I quite literally showed all of my friends to use it. I understand it was in beta, but this feature was used by many people, quite literally all the time. We know this feature did not work perfectly, but we would use it regardless of the tiny flaws, it was honestly my favorite thing about Spotify.


Whenever I, or any group, would have friends over, I would always offer to start a group session so that everyone could contribute to the music being played. Having this option, friends could seamlessly contribute to the music being played so that one person would not selfishly play music the entire time. It was so fun having everyone able to contribute, without having to hand over the one single phone to everyone that was connected to the device, just to add a few songs to the queue. Having someone scan a code and then instantly able to add songs to the queue was a perfect idea for hanging out with friends, in person.


It appears with the new update, there is only an option for remote group sessions where the music is played on each individual device, I'm asking to consider bringing back the "play from same device."


To recap, this feature allowed people to share music during in-person hang sessions, and from the people I had introduced to it, all found it to be one of the most fun features of Spotify.


So, dear Spotify, please bring back this feature!



Troy and many others!!

Updated on 2023-12-22

Hey folks,

Thank you for all the support! 

We're happy to announce that the 'Play from the same device' feature is now officially back!
Changing the status here to Implemented 🙂 


Please! If this feature isn't back how it was soon we will be listening elsewhere.


Please bring it back. We used Spotify sessions while driving and now the feature is completely gone and unusable.  So we can't Gps and listen to music that the passengers like at the same time anymore. 


Why was this feature removed?


Moreover, why are the mods acting like this is a new feature? Obviously it’s a good suggestion, you made it in the first place.


The cynic in me says the only reason for the removal is to push people to buy speakers with built in Spotify.


The feature was genius! Stupid, stupid move to cripple it like it is now! Bring it back ASAP!! 


The old groups allowed for better shared music experiences in a car not just on wifi networks.


Sorely missing the ability to have a group session that could control the same device plugged into AUX for Car journeys. (Not on the same wifi network) Please return this feature.


Before everybody can select "hear on your own device" or "hear together at one device", know every device plays the music. Absolutely useless, if you are at the same room. And if one person in the session makes a Voice Chat (for example WhatsApp) all Device reduce the Volume, please make it undone!


Before it was really nice, if you sit with your friends and everybody can put some songs to the playlist and only one device plays the songs! I wish you will bring it back 😄


Best regrads




We were sad to see it go l. Used it multiple times a week with friends. Listening apart together works better in jqbx. U killed the wrong option 


Addition; we tried the sharing a bt speaker on wifi function.

Main issue: I don't want to be on my friends wifi


(Besides most of the time the bt device was not showing)



This was the best thing Spotify had done and you took it away.