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(Mobile) Return repeat and queue buttons to Now Playing screen

The new UI for the Now Playing screen on mobile (iOS and Android) doesn't seem space-efficient. I understand that inevitably the design will be refreshed and changed, but, given the amount of unused screen space, I don't think it was necessary to move the view queue and repeat buttons into a separate menu. It seems like it shouldn't be too difficult to find space to these on the main screen, espcially considering how often many users make use of these features.

Note: Attached images show the Spotify iOS app version 8.4.91 on an iPhone SE compared to a previous iOS app version 8.4.81, I believe.

iOS Now playing menu.PNG
iOS Now playing Old.PNG
iOS Now playing.PNG

Updated on 2019-05-23

Hey folks, 


Just a heads up, that the Repeat and Queue buttons have returned to the Now Playing View on the mobile app. 




The repeat button has moved to the left and you Queue can be found just below. 




Agree with a lot of the comments here: please revert this change. Bring the repeat button and the queue view button back to the main ‘now playing’ UI. The “...” button is all the way in the top right, requiring me to use the “pull down” accessibility function in order to reach the button without stretching my hand awkwardly. This is poor design. I never use the “like” button either, I always have directly added songs to playlists. Please revert this change!!!


I absolutely agree.  Spotify has opted to move the Shuffle icon to the main screen and relegated the "Repeat/Repeat All/Repeat One" icon to the action menu ("...").  Pursuant to the posted complaint, the action menu needs to be better accessible when using my iPhone with just one hand.  However, to my point, if you can't get both icons (Shuffle and Repeat) on the main screen, the Repeat icon should take priority.  While listening to music, people often toggle the Repeat feature back and forth.  No one repeatedly toggles the Shuffle icon.  It's a one-time selection that persists for most of the remainder of the listening.  Give us back our Repeat Icon on the main screen !!!


Agree completely!

The queue button always should be there, and also always show how many songs are waiting in queue.

Generally - make it exactly like before.


I couldnt agree more with this.  Please find room for the repeat button.  I almost never heart a song but understand that is a way Spotify can identify who likes what.....either way from a users standpoint I would rather have the repeat button instead of the heart button but believe there is room for all on the screen.  This new UI is a miss for functionality.  


At the very least, allow users to SELECT THEIR PREFERENCE, either in the Settings, or by performing a long-press on the button to select the desired default function of that particular button. In this case, we're looking to choose the default button that will appear where the Shuffle selector currently is.


Good lord please work on application stability and memory leaks. The app is crashing regularly, locking up and just sitting there frozen (sometimes, even the home button is unresponsive) until iOS finally takes over and force quits the app.


Dumb control changes for absolutely no good reason. If you want to move **bleep** around, get rid of the share button.


Exactly the share button is the most useless one, I don’t get the other comments saying the shuffle button should go. While others may not use it doesn’t others would like to get rid of the shuffle so I have to respectfully disagree with those. If we wanted to share our music, we can just take a screenshot and share that way. 


In these AI times, please let my most used features stay on the now playing screen. Why did you move the repeat button that i always use, and let heart, shuffle and share (which I’ve rarely use) stay. As well as you know what kind of music I like, you should know which features I like. Please bring back the repeat button!!! I would also like to mention that on the Swedish UI the menu button for confirming that I would like repeat says Cancel, so now when I want to repeat a song, I must first go to the ... menu, click repeat 1 and then confirm by clicking Cancel. This is not user friendly!!! Please add repeat button to the main screen again!


THe Share button on ios is so useless, much more important is the Queue Button where I can see which song is the next! Please change back to the old UI ! Also when playing an Album you can‘t see anymore if this song is in your Library !!


Adding a comment here to support what everyone's said. I've used Spotify for a long time now, and the removal of the repeat button is the worst decision I feel Spotify has made. Why did the removal of the repeat feature even get proposed in the first place? How did it not get shot down the moment someone even suggested the idea?