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(Mobile) Return repeat and queue buttons to Now Playing screen

The new UI for the Now Playing screen on mobile (iOS and Android) doesn't seem space-efficient. I understand that inevitably the design will be refreshed and changed, but, given the amount of unused screen space, I don't think it was necessary to move the view queue and repeat buttons into a separate menu. It seems like it shouldn't be too difficult to find space to these on the main screen, espcially considering how often many users make use of these features.

Note: Attached images show the Spotify iOS app version 8.4.91 on an iPhone SE compared to a previous iOS app version 8.4.81, I believe.

iOS Now playing menu.PNG
iOS Now playing Old.PNG
iOS Now playing.PNG

Updated on 2019-05-23

Hey folks, 


Just a heads up, that the Repeat and Queue buttons have returned to the Now Playing View on the mobile app. 




The repeat button has moved to the left and you Queue can be found just below. 




Why would you take this away? Please bring it back 😞


I agree 100% with all the commenters who use the Repeat toggle on iOS multiple times per day (an iPhone SE in my case) – REALLY annoying to have it hidden in the "..." menu now. I'm also never sure whether it's defaulting to "repeat all" or "no repeat" – either it changes automatically depending on what I'm listening to(??), or I just toggle it back and forth and then forget about it. (Spotify design team, if you're reading this, I know you know what a red flag this kind of user confusion is!)


I just had this happen a minute ago: an album I was playing finished and then restarted on Track 1, and it surprised me, because I had thought it was on "no repeat," and I didn't actually want the album repeated. Being able to quickly see & change the "repeat" state whenever I hit Play on something is valuable to me.


As a product designer, I have one more beef with the new setup: After the incident above, I opened the "..." menu to toggle the Repeat state to "off." When I was done, to get back to the Now Playing view, I hit the only available button that made sense: "Cancel." But wait – did I just cancel my action?? I had to reopen the menu to check. Turns out no, I didn't cancel my action. But it feels wrong to hit "Cancel" after completing an action that you want saved. This is a sign that toggle switches shouldn't live in a menu alongside non-toggle actions. Spotify team, please find a new way! 


Spotify developers:  Pay close attention to this particular comment from Jim.  It's an excellent summation of some really poor decisions you guys have implemented in the latest revision of the iOS app.


New player design completely sucks. Text font is disgusting. Repeat button is hiden. Album picture is very small. There is an empty area below. Old player was very very good. Why did you changed that? Many users want it again. Nobody likes the new one


Did the share button come for just **bleep** instagram users? 


why would you even do something like that? why do you make our lives so **bleep** hard? its the most important button for me and many others. bring it back!!!! immediately!!!!!!


Out of all the buttons to cut out I can't believe they picked the repeat function!

If they wanted to force me to listen to new songs, this is the single design chioce most likely to ensure I never do that. It'll be too much hassle to change between playlists I do actually want to listen to. 

Spotify used to be my go-to app for music while driving, but at this point I might as well burn mix CDs. At least a CD doesn't push out idiotic design updates and insult its paying customers. Good grief.


Made an acct just to complain about this. Bring the repeat button back! 😠


 Can bring the repeat button back? This UX is not friendly . I used spotify as premium member for long time , everything make me feel good , for this change make me want to give 1 star at app store.


Dear Spotify! Bring back the repeat button! Why does it have to be on a separate screen? So inconvenient! And most importantly, it is hard to see if it's enabled or not because that green color is hardly visible for me on the black background. It was so easy to use the button when it was on the main screen and had a dot that confirmed that looping was enabled. Just remember that some people have difficulty seeing the difference between green and white thin line buttons on dark backgrounds.