(Mobile) Return repeat and queue buttons to Now Playing screen

Status: Implemented

The new UI for the Now Playing screen on mobile (iOS and Android) doesn't seem space-efficient. I understand that inevitably the design will be refreshed and changed, but, given the amount of unused screen space, I don't think it was necessary to move the view queue and repeat buttons into a separate menu. It seems like it shouldn't be too difficult to find space to these on the main screen, espcially considering how often many users make use of these features.

Note: Attached images show the Spotify iOS app version 8.4.91 on an iPhone SE compared to a previous iOS app version 8.4.81, I believe.

iOS Now playing menu.PNG
iOS Now playing Old.PNG
iOS Now playing.PNG

Updated on 2019-05-23

Hey folks, 


Just a heads up, that the Repeat and Queue buttons have returned to the Now Playing View on the mobile app. 




The repeat button has moved to the left and you Queue can be found just below. 




Adding a comment here to support the change. Please revert to the previous UI as soon as possible. The heart and share buttons don't need to be on the front of the player. Why would you prioritize these features instead of actual playback features on a player? Having the queue and repeat buttons on a separate menu is a waste of space that could be better used and a waste of the users' time.


This update is awful, your paying users dislike it, and it is hindering their ability to use your service efficetvly. Don't turn into the next snapchat. Get your head out of your **bleep** and give people what they want. 


I don't miss the queue much, I was forced to change my vote by someone who claims this is the same post as just wanting the repeat button back. This button has existed in the same spot on Spotify since the mobile version came out, and previously on iTunes, which most/many people left to come to Spotify. The heart button makes a lot of sense in radio and new listening scenarios, but it is stupid and pointless for me to 'like' songs in a playlist /I/ made. @osornios was incorrect in his assessment that this is the same post as one just requesting the repeat button be put back. I repeat, I do not care about the queue, I want the repeat button in my playlists, keep the heart in new listening scenarios where it belongs. 


This is absolutely awful, whoever designed this UI should be fired straight away. Change it back and don't break what is not broken.


Hey @helgy8


Sorry for the confusion. This idea is saying "revert the change" that moved controls to a hidden menu. This includes both repeat and queue buttons. Any ideas saying to move either of the buttons back would be considered the same idea. To keep track of feedback we will be keeping just one idea. Thanks for understanding.


Spotify.. please put the buttons back to where they belong! No one considers this an “improvement”. 


Whoever thought that this is a great idea, sincerely, not even kidding, needs to get fired. 


whats best, type your password to repeat a song?

seriously considering moving to Apple Music after this.





from another post on a similar topic: 


I absolutely hate the new update (I’m on ios).


The fact that I can’t access the queue and repeat controls from the main interface is super annoying. Editing playlists is a nightmare (it opens the playlist in a new tab and I have to scroll to where I was on the original playlist to delete songs, which is cumbersome to say the least.


From a previous update, but the fact that the Home and Browse tabs were combined and the Search tab was combined with certain Browse elements has made the UI confusing and clunky. The “save” plus sign being replaced with a heart and “like” is another downside. 


The entire update is a hot mess and I wish either it would be reverted, or there would be customisation controls for the UI. Otherwise, I most definitely will be switching to Apple Music. 


I so dislike the UI update as well. Though the part I miss most is the peek of album art on either side. While okay it looks ‘cleaner’ this way, I loved having a peek at the album art so I knew what was coming up on a playlist! It’s so frustrating now that feature is missing. I didn’t realize how much I relied on it until it was gone. 😞 

That’s what else was wrong! I couldn’t pinpoint it (mostly because I can’t
ever find/get to the queue), but now that you’ve mentioned it, that was an
incredibly useful feature, especially since I associate a song on a
playlist with its album artwork.