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[Music] Block / Hide / Blacklist Tracks or Artists

The Star feature should be complemented with a way to mark tracks as excluded. Those tracks would then be skipped even when included in the current playlist.
This way the enjoyment of a good album wouldn't be disrupted by tracks you don't like, while the album in its entirety can still be kept in the playlist.
The Anti-star can easily be implemented as a flipside to the regular star as they are mutually exclusive. Click the star once, the track becomes a favorite. Click again, the star icon changes to the anti-star and click a third time and either flag is gone.

A no-brainer to me.

Updated on 2020-05-13


Thanks for coming to the Community Idea Exchange.
We're marking this idea as 'Implemented'.

The option 'Don't play this artist' is now available on iOS and Android.

You can also find more info on hiding individual tracks from playlists or albums here.

If we have any information about this on other platforms in the future, we'll report back!


I'd like to be able to tell Spotify to never play a particular song or to not play it for a particular time period.  It would exclude the songs from all playlists and radio stations until I reset the song or the time expires.




There's only two features that Spotify needs to become the best music streaming service/app:

1) Personalized radio. In spain there's a free iphone app called Biit that do that , and that's what is preventing me from purchasing spotify premium service.

2) The need to ban/ignore songs or artist to do not listen them again. This option, which is available in other services, allow us to control what we listen. That is power.


Best regards.


witht he ability to 'dislike', it needs to be with a filter so that when listening by yourself you can apply the filter to cut out all the justin bieber but when the kids are using spotify at home, they can listen to the  warbling gnome to their hearts content


This feature really needs to be implemented, not that I hate any artists but I'm not a fan of say skrillex or wiz khalifa, the music I listen to recommends them and I often get tracks by them.


Yes this is an awesome idea, in addition, the dislike/ban would be good in order for the system to "learn" what type of music you perfer in a given genre. Both Pandora and Grooveshark have this, and the addition would make Spotify that much better!


Lets hope this gains attention on the Spotify Team's end!


Please, please add this. It would be so nice to be able to blacklist tracks (and possibly artists).


This song keeps playing on one of my playlist radio stations - I would like to BLOCK it, Thumbs Down Major!!!


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I Just Had Sex - Explicit Version by The Lonely Island


I Dont mind some dirty lyrics, but seriously???, there needs to be a way to block this, I dont even think spotify has a parental filter??? Seriously!!!




Seriously. None of the music on my playlist is anywhere near Nicki Minaj. I don't ever want to hear her songs when in playlist radio. Ever. 




A list of artists/tracks that Spotify will refer to when playing playlists/albums.  If a track is in the blacklist or by a blacklisted artist Spotify will just skip it.


I guess this would be the exact opposite of the starred tracks...



Loving the service - thanks!!



TOTALLY AGREE with anti-star feature. I have a death metal track comes up whenever I play a slow jazz playlist radio which is just so wrong in too many ways. We need to be able to block a track, or ideally "exclude from this playlist radio"