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With all the social sending music features on spotify, an outbox to track what music I've sent and to who, would be a huge help. I'm always thinking how much a friend would love a song and then sending it to them, only to have them tell me, I have already sent them the song in the past.


Having a tracker on the outbox would also be useful, to see if they have listened to the song.


Perhaps having a feature of a notification if you try to send the same song to a friend twice or another message if they have heard the song in the past, even if you have never sent them it before.


The outbox request has been active on the old GetSatisfaction forum for over a year, so I think it's about time it got some serious attention on these new forums.


Thanks. Smiley Happy


This is definately one of the most needed (and obvious) features for Spotify social. 


I wholeheartedly agree.


I don't understand why this feature isn't here yet. They made a function to send tracks but never put an outbox. It would have been an obvious part of the coding for that feature.


I second that. It should be a fairly easy feature to add, and would help me remember what I sent when to whom. It would make the service so much better!


Yes, I've been wanting this for a while.


I think this is a pretty good Idea, Now I can get back all the terrible music I have sent to my friends as a joke.

This is such a shortcoming of the current client. Also, it's good to note this was requested OVER A YEAR ago at

This is a much needed feature, as I frequently wonder if I have already sent a song to a certain friend of not.  I think recipients should also be able to reply without having to send a song in return.


So that i can track what music i have sendt to my friends and dont have to send it several times.




I like it. It's very similar to the 'Outbox' feature request, if you want to send your support over there, just follow this link: