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With all the social sending music features on spotify, an outbox to track what music I've sent and to who, would be a huge help. I'm always thinking how much a friend would love a song and then sending it to them, only to have them tell me, I have already sent them the song in the past.


Having a tracker on the outbox would also be useful, to see if they have listened to the song.


Perhaps having a feature of a notification if you try to send the same song to a friend twice or another message if they have heard the song in the past, even if you have never sent them it before.


The outbox request has been active on the old GetSatisfaction forum for over a year, so I think it's about time it got some serious attention on these new forums.


Thanks. Smiley Happy


I third Maj. And if he send me that Call Me Maybe song again I might even quit using Spotify.


Yeah, some kinda outbox folder or sent music folder is a good move.


Hello world,

I really like the inbox feature, but wouldn't it be great if we were able to see witch songs you sent to your friends?

So now there is only an inbox and with my idea there will als be a Sent box or outbox.


What do you think guys?


An outbox would be so useful! I forget who I have sent songs to, and either send people the same songs, or not at all! Would be good to see what I have already sent!


It's so embarrassing to be a song repeater. You can't have an inbox without an outbox!


I would really like to be able to see the songs I've sent to people and filter by who I sent or when. Just a thought 🙂


Also why oh why do you have to have a facebook account? So many friends won't use it just because of that 😞


This function would be great! I share songs and playlists with my wife from time to time and it would be great to keep track of what songs / playlists have I sent to her so I wouldn't be just repeating stuff, just what rachelbeutz said. 


Songs need to come out of something while their going in to something Outbox -> going out -> Inbox coming in it's just obvious. I think this shouldn't be so hard to implement? I guess the information is saved somewhere when one sends a song to someone else so why not just leave a "copy" track to Outbox while doing so 🙂


My 2 cents and Kudoes support.


Couldn't agree more, how many kudos does this thread need to have for this to happen.


I also have the feeling that spotify has to be in the process of developing this feature! Any way the spotify community could get an update? Are you considering? Are you developing? releasing soon?

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it


Unlike some other ideas, I can't really offer a strong explanation on why this doesn't already exist. The idea has been popular for quite some time.


I would suggest to those of you who are connected to Facebook that you check your Facebook messages as a workaround. You should be able to see not only the tracks you've received to your inbox, but also track you've sent to friends via the Facebook messages.


For those of you not connected Facebook, I realize this is only a workaround. I'm certainly not suggesting the idea has been implemented, as this would be just as practical to have in Spotify, as the inbox. Please keep the votes coming.

I do not want Facebook for Outbox thing... No way for Facebook.