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I would like to suugest the option of adding our own pictures or avitars WITHOUT linking it to our Facebook accounts.


I know there are some of us that were fortunate enough to get Spotify before it linked with Facebook and I would love to add my picture on the account page.

Updated: 2016-10-20

We’re excited to finally share that you can now upload your own profile picture on Desktop. Uploading via iOS and Android to follow. The feature is slowly rolling out so if you don’t have it yet check back soon. Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy!

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Definitely request this feature be added

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Status changed to: Implemented


Hello folks! First at all, sorry for the late reply...we have tons of ideas coming into the community everyday and it is hard to prioritize.


We are actually working now on social features (as the one you are requesting here) and we want to give you all the possibility of customizing your profiles. We are trying to improve Spotify day by day but we still have lots of things to do...now we are focusing on other social features so we are going to mark this idea as "Not right now" for now.

However we love this and we will come back to it in the future. Keep an eye on the thread and also adding comments and kudos

(the more popular the idea gets, the best!)


Thanks for your feedback! 


i accidentally linked facebook, which I rarely use, to spottify.  Then spotify began autoposting what I was listening to?  Look, give us a 'post to facebook' button in the margins of a track but don't do this autopost stuff.


If we wanted to share waht we listen to within spottify - to other friends who may or may not be on facebook, that's different.  But don't force us to share on facebook.


Long and short, I detached Facebook from Spotify - and now it looks like I'm stuck with the photo I was using in facebook.  This whole post is overwhelmingly asking for that simple function.


Or did facebook contractually disallow spotify from picture profiles/edits without facebook?


Yes! It has to be done! I don't see how a small 50kb photo is such a problem? I don't want my music or any element of what I like in Facebook and the image I use in FB is reserved for friends thank-you! But I do hate having the crappy greyed out image on my Spotify profile. Come on guys, hardly any development needed here.


I have no intention of signing up with Facebook.  Sure would be nice to be able to have  spotify picture instead of the grey silhouette. 

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There is no reason for this feature to be blocked.  I'm not a luddite, I just don't use Facebook.

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Hi zeeblets - I've just moved your post to this already established thread. 


Rocio has provided an update on this idea's status above. If there are any further changes or news announcements we'll let you know here. 


I love spotify and use it literally daily...I first started using the service even before it went overseas and made it's combeack a year or two later...I've also been a premium subscriber for nearly two years now in addition to turning at least 6 of my friends on to the service.


It's completely preposterous that this feature is being pushed back for people who PAY for the service when even free facebook users can have theirs up.  The reason this is important to me is I don't allow my real name to be used publicly on anything socially related online so it's important that my friends be able to identify they've connected with the right person via my profile pic when I give them my user handle...often there's other users with a similar UN....


Listen, I'd really love to see this rectified asap...I'm sure there's a ton of other features your group is working on right now that you think should take priority, but considering this IS a social service in and of itself, I shouldn't be penalized for not allowing forced integration of yet another social service just to implement a feature that's been standard on EVERY SINGLE other social service since the dawn of web 2.0. I'm a big proponent and supporter of your company and hate to read weekly how much money it's still hemorraging even while converting so many free users to premium.....however, there's more and more services out there catching up and this feature request in this thread alone is nearly a year old now. 


I'm familiar with who your investors are and your tight relationship with facebook, but I would hope the $70 a month that my friends and I collectively pay for your service is enough to justiy the time cost of the 4 or 5 hours that coding this feature would take. In addition, keeping non fb related customers happy would dramatically reduce your cost of customer conversion since I'm sure that I'm not the only one of your scores of non-facebook linked users who are constantly promoting your products to THEIR friends and other unintiated music lovers.


I'm usually a pretty loyal consumer and have stuck with Spotify this long because I think your company has the right idea and I like the CEO, but I'm starting to strongly consider transitioning my social circle to a service like Rdio as I witness simple and obvious feature requests like this linger indefinitely in these forums. Please. Make this happen. I don't wanna troll here again. I'd rather be listening to my Hipster International playlist by Sean Parker.


Add me to the list of people who want to be able to add my own photo for my profile.  I don't use FB and don't plan to start, but I do interact with friends on Spotify.  If I wanted FB, I'd sign on to FB.  Instead, I pay a monthly fee to Spotify and I want to be able to post a photo.  Just that simple.


Add me to this list.  I just ditched Facebook and am not planning to go back.  But, I love Spotify and would love to be able to customize without having to make a deal with the devil (Facebook).