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Volume normalization for mobile devices.

It sucks to have my ears blown out when I'm in the middle of riding my bike...

Updated on 2017-11-10

Hey folks, you should all see an "Enable Audio Normalization" option under your Playback settings in the Android and iOS Spotify apps. Thanks for giving us your feedback here!


I agree with this.


I use my iphone to play spotify at work and in the car. The volume difference is intolerable. My clients jump every time a new songs is played. I purchased an iphone just so that I could have spotify premium on the go. Maybe now I'll buy a netbook and tote it around with me, all for the use of spotify's volume control.




Agreed. It's really bad. I subscribe to Spotify specifically for the mobile app and the volume changes are horrible - some tracks I cannot hear and others way too loud on the same volume level. I use it to do my personal daily yoga practice and I end up having to mess with the radio the whole time instead of being able to focus on my practice. I will probably cancel my membership and go back to iTunes or Pandora, which I really don't want to do!


another vote for volume normalization - even better, volume gain. A lot of old music is recorded at very low volumes.



If the cross-fade function worked, this wouldn't be a problem.  It's basically just there in the Settings for looks.  The developers at Spotify are amateurs!!!


Yes.  Volume normalization is critical for mobile  use.    Ipad, and Iphone.   Playlists are a huge part of Spotify and without this feature I tend to just use my Ipod for playlists.  Especially when I'm not going to be  near my mobile device.   


Not only for mobile users... having selected various tracks in a playlist (let's say, for a birthday party), a normalized output would be great!



Status changed to: Up for Votes

I would love this feature too in the Androidversion!
Using the app very much in my car and sometimes it can be really a big different in volumes between tracks.
One is really quiet so you get your volume high, and next song you almost blow your speakers out =(