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[Playlists] Limit Editing Access in Collaborative Playlists

This problem has already been addressed in other ideas quite a few times, so I'll make it brief. At the moment, anyone can edit a collaborative playlist. There are numerous ways to solve this, e.g. granting the creator the right to put people on blacklists or whitelists. Another easy fix that might be a separate link for the creator to share only with persons who shoud be able to add and delete song! It would already help a lot 🙂

Hey everyone!

We're happy to announce that you will soon have new options for managing collaborative playlists - they are rolling out to everyone over the coming weeks.

Users will have the ability to review who currently has access to individual playlists, share collaborative playlists with large public groups, or keep them small and private for that special tightly-knit group of friends.

You will be able to:
  • Pick your favorites. As a playlist creator, you can now invite or remove users from collaborating on your playlists, meaning there’s more control over who has access to editing the content you love.
  • Share privately. You can now set your collaborative playlists to private, so no one can view, search, listen to or share a playlist– except for those chosen few who have been invited or given collaborative access.
  • Change your mind? At any given time, a playlist owner has the power to see, add and remove who gets to collaborate and follow their playlists.
For details on how the feature works, see:

Because of this change, this other idea is also being implemented. 

If you don't see this yet, don't worry. Just make sure to keep your app up to date and it should be available for you soon. 

Thanks for giving us your feedback in the Community.

Something else that's high up on the worst-experiences-with-Spotify list:


I really like the collaboration feature, but it's super annoying when I think I'm sharing my playlists privately, the whole internet can modify them. It really ticks me off when people keep adding c r a p to what I thought only my friends could add. This feature really needs to get fixed, otherwise I'll never use collaboration again until it is. 


please fix this, its just ruining the collaborative playlists. 


I don't pay for premium to get some BOTS add random and really not good C R A P  music to my beautiful playlist, you need to stop this; I know its a big dilemma cause you still get money from those type of account but that needs to stop, it's really not appreciated from your community and if you dont stop you will loose a ton of subscribers. Spotify fix this, for the sake of your community pls. thanks. 


Please implement this - bots adding to collaborative playlists is a real pain!  You should be able to select who you collaborate with or have a private collaborative playlist that is shared only with certain users.  


Please work on this! I was sharing a collaborative playlist with a friend and suddenly some random person started adding songs in to this playlist (also seemed like a bot because the picture looked sus). I'd love to have just a collaborative playlist were me and my friend are the only people that are able to add songs in! 

I even remember this was possible before (like 3 years ago)...


There's huge botspamming and abuse because this feature does not exists. It should have been added a long time ago


the bots have gotten into two collaborative playlists that me and my friends have!

at first i thought it was funny haha like maybe a little kid got into our playlists but after googling i realised it was a bot


please just copy google docs or something

thank you 


1000 votes for YES! Today I've noticed one of my playlists have been altered by 4 different bots which promote some other bunky music!  60 songs have been added, unfortunately probably none of my 300 songs (selected meticulously through 6 last years by me and my friend) have been deleted, hopefully... This can't be happening with that huge a streaming company like Spotify!


Why can we not have playlists which friends can add to without them being public to the entire world? Who wants random users adding to your playlists? Or even someone else's playlist? This may not sound like a massive problem until you have bots adding songs to your shared playlists.


Spotify already says you can "Make any playlist Collaborative to let your friends add, remove, and reorder tracks." Friends? More like anyone! And now bots seem to be adding to playlists as well it is a bigger problem.


Please give us the option Spotify! Surely it won't detract from any other feature...