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[Playlists] See which playlists a song has already been added to

Sometimes I think of or hear a song and I want to add it to a certain playlist but I’m not sure if it’s already in there, or I just want to know what playlists it’s in (e.g. I accidentally added the song to the wrong playlist and want to take it out, but wasn't sure which one I accidentally clicked/pressed on). It would be nice to to have a feature where you can check which playlists of yours a song has been added to. I know that you there’s a notification if it’s a duplicate, but it would be more convenient if the song is in multiple playlists to just see all of them at once rather than getting that notification one by one for all of them, if that make sense.


Edit: someone in the comments suggested having checkmarks next to the playlist names in the "Add to playlist" drop-down and that would be perfect!

Updated on 2024-02-09

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all the support and feedback you've given to this idea!

We have some exciting news to share with you: you can now tap the green check mark icon Check Mark Icon.png of a song/episode to see which playlists it's been saved in! You also get quick access to all of your playlists in case you want to add the song/episode to (or remove it from) some of your other playlists:


The playlists the item's been saved in will also have a check mark.The playlists the item's been saved in will also have a check mark.

Thanks again for helping us make Spotify better. We're always striving to provide the best possible user experience and your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2020-03-24

Marked as a new idea!


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For more info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange, head here.


I'd love that idea. Unfortunately it was turned down years ago. Back then it had around 3,2k likes....🙄 and yes i know, this ain't much considering your userbase, nevertheless I hope one day this will become true.

Love this idea! Maybe if you hover over a song or album when it pops up it can tell you which playlist its in!


Building a playlist right now and this would be extremely helpful


Great idea! I love this.


Yes! Doesn’t even need to be complicated, maybe just a bright green check icon next to playlists the song has already been added to. 


Hey, today I've been looking for a way to share this same idea somewhere and I just found this place and I see there's already someone thinking the same thing, lovely! It will be in great use really, such a feature because sometimes I hear a song while working and wanna add it to a playlist ( but I have a lot ) and sometimes I forget if I've already added the song to any of the lists so I have to start trying one by one and see where it lets me. It will give us some kind of a bird view of the situation where is a certain song, in how many places. I suggest little green checkmarks, but it could be dots or whatever. I hope they do it one day  😁😋😎


I totally agree, with multiple play list it can be difficult to keep track in which ones a particular song is in.  Hopefully this can get a few more votes. 



3800+ votes. From 2012.

This is really a basic feature for any music organisation system. Spotify is aiming to be a host for users' music libraries not merely a radio service so please please can we have this basic functionality soon!


I'm planning to try to create a website utilizing Spotify's API to solve this issue and hopefully do a couple of other neat things with playlists. Look out around January next year, hopefully I'll have something up and running by then.

I currently made a desktop application, Spotify Playlist Searcher under my GitHub username "MaximoM", that you can find that solves the issue if you don't want to wait. However, the UI is rather bad and it's windows only as of right now. Plus, for some odd reason or another it doesn't always give every playlist for a song. I'm hoping to fix all those issues and more when I move it all over to a website rather than a desktop application.