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[Playlists] See which playlists a song has already been added to

Sometimes I think of or hear a song and I want to add it to a certain playlist but I’m not sure if it’s already in there, or I just want to know what playlists it’s in (e.g. I accidentally added the song to the wrong playlist and want to take it out, but wasn't sure which one I accidentally clicked/pressed on). It would be nice to to have a feature where you can check which playlists of yours a song has been added to. I know that you there’s a notification if it’s a duplicate, but it would be more convenient if the song is in multiple playlists to just see all of them at once rather than getting that notification one by one for all of them, if that make sense.


Edit: someone in the comments suggested having checkmarks next to the playlist names in the "Add to playlist" drop-down and that would be perfect!

Updated on 2024-02-09

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all the support and feedback you've given to this idea!

We have some exciting news to share with you: you can now tap the green check mark icon Check Mark Icon.png of a song/episode to see which playlists it's been saved in! You also get quick access to all of your playlists in case you want to add the song/episode to (or remove it from) some of your other playlists:


The playlists the item's been saved in will also have a check mark.The playlists the item's been saved in will also have a check mark.

Thanks again for helping us make Spotify better. We're always striving to provide the best possible user experience and your feedback is greatly appreciated.


I created a similar idea and got linked here...

Note that: these playlists' names should be visible with song data (song name, album name) area to have an easy time while editing the playlists.


This would be so useful!


One addition: This should also work for public playlists!

It would be similar to the song radio, but instead of an automatically generated list you could see all popular playlists that include that song.


Maybe this would be worth its own idea here?


I have been waiting for this feature for so long now. I can't believe it is not implemented yet. The checkmarks seem to be a new feature in the phone app, but not in the computer app yet.

However, it would be easier to just search the song you are interested in and you will see all your playlists that includes this song.


This idea has already happened now. For me I wanted it in public playlists and I’m still hoping 🤞


please make a function where I can search for a song in my library and I get a result of all my playlists that have that song in it!


This happened, then they removed it?


This would be extremely helpful!


when you click the 3 dots next to a song, add an option where you can click "playlists" or something and it shows what playlists the song is in and from there you can click said playlist and it will go to where the song is in the playlist 


By far my most wanted feature.  Would also like to search by artist for this feature as well.


Enough with the AI playlists and dj when we aren't happy with basic features. We want to know what playlists we have already added songs to, simple as that. It's getting ridiculous. We have been begging you for years. You added this to mobile months ago, but it looks like the majority of us aren't curating playlists on our mobile. I have to open my phone to check and its just plain silly. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE TO THE DESKTOP ASAP. Extra features are great when the basic features are already in place. Come on, Spotify, help us out.