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[Playlists] Sorting Options for List of Playlists

I would love to be able to sort my playlists by Artists, then drill down by album so as not to clutter my Spotify. It's pretty hard to organize my playlists the current way. Any ideas on a future iteration that will enable this capability?

Updated on 2019-06-25

Hey folks,


Slight update to this idea, which we think is worth highlighting. With the recent update to Your Library on mobile, it's now possible to sort and filter your Playlists, Artists and Albums in more ways. 


To find the filters, just pull down on the tab you're on, select filters and then choose the one you'd like. The 'Custom Order' filter on the Playlist section will mirror the order you have on Desktop - which means it's now possible to maintain the way your organise your tunes on Desktop across to Mobile. 


We'd recommend checking out this Spotify Answer for tips on how to add playlist folders using the desktop app. They're super handy for keeping your music organized.


With the search function at the top it's also possible to drill down by Artist in your Album section. To do so, just pull down and type the name of the artist you're looking for. 


Will now mark this idea as Implemented.




Simple option but would make life a lot easier.


At £10 per month this should be available by now!


I create and publish lots of playlists. But to browse through my playlists is a hassle for other users because they have to scroll through a huge list of playlists to find something they like. For better ux I should be able to organize/categorize my playlists in folders or tabs.


Toooootally.  Sometimes I just want to browse my playlist without knowing what I want to listen to. Probably the result of using an iPod for so many years....but my brain just doesn't work with a mess of a playlist listing.  Alphabetical is a must.  Make this happen Spotify




Plus ... 

This is already possible in the desktop app. Choose 'New Playlist Folder...' from the File menu, then drag or create new playlists in there.


Hopefully coming soon to the mobile app


I totally agree, this is a very basic feature which should have been implemented long ago in my option. It's not a big problem if you have 20 playlists but when you have a hundred or so then it's a real pain to find the one you're looking for.


Sorry, I obviously wasn't clear enough.

This issue is not about being able to organize your own playlists (I know that you can organize those in folders). This about how you can organize your published playlists and how they are displayed when someone visits your profile to look att your playlists.


Sorry, should have read your idea more closely 🙂




Do it !! It will improve the quality of your service !!!  


The ability to sort a playlist folder's contents alphabetically would be awesome.  I have a playlist folder called "Albums" which I use to store some of my favorite albums for easy access, (mostly because I don't like the way stars work with albums) and the contents are not able to be sorted alphabetically.  I've made a mockup of what the feature would look like:




To the Spotify powers that be,


Can I please second the requests above for playlists to be orderable alphabetically? It's the one obvious improvement I can think of - the service is otherwise excellent and getting better all the time. While I'm at it, it strikes me that it would also be interesting to be able to dive into one's playlists, taken as a whole, and view them by song/album/artist etc. When I use TuneWiki on my Android phone, it divides my "music library" of tracks I have stored on the phone into the following categories:


- Artists


- Albums


- Songs


- Playlists


With regards to the Playlists category, this automatically includes "Recently added songs".


Another interesting feature on Spotify would be to be able to sort albums by year of release - though I recognise this is complicated slightly by albums being reissued etc. Perhaps for each given album it could be assigned a data field giving its original year of release?


I'm sure you can think of other improvements along the same lines. I look forward to seeing the service improve even more.


Thanks and regards