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Podcasts. Please? Help me move completely off of iTunes!

Podcast support in the client would be amazing. I miss so much by focusing on Spotify and not iTunes, that I miss listening to all of my podcasts. Please help 🙂

Updated: 2015-09-16

Hey everyone. When we launched our new Now page we also introduced a growing library of videos and podcasts. Now marking this idea as 'Implemented'.


watch and listen.png



I actually thought this Idea was already here!


A way to implement RSS feeds for podcasts would certainly be lovely. If anyone else likes this idea, please let us know by adding Kudos!


"I actually thought this Idea was already here!"


How so? I don't see Podcast support.


bradavon - I remember answering something along these lines before - I couldn't remember where I answered it, however. 


It would be great to have our favorite free podcasts within Spotify! 


You should allow and encourage artists who have free podcasts (mainly EDM) to upload them to Spotify as them come out.

I'd also like to see podcasts integrated to Spotify. At the moment I'm having to also use Rhythmbox to download my podcasts before playing them through Spotify. If this were implemented I'd like to see the ability to share/send a podcast to friends (i.e. the RSS feed) just like normal songs.

would love to put my free podcast on spotify and to listen to other podcasts as well!


Throughout my day I frequently switch back and forth between songs in Spotify and Podcasts in Zune. I would like to just have a single app open for all of my musical needs. Please add podcast support to Spotify!


This is the only thing that is stopping me migrating completely to spotify. Rss support would make a valuable addition. Please vote for this 🙂


Like all of the others, this is the single thing needed to be implemented and I can move completely off of iTunes. It's annoying switching between 2 programs. If you could implement live radio too, it would be awesome! The podcast thing though, is quite important to me! Please DO IT! 🙂


Not too bothered about having podcasts in spotify (in their library) but a feature to add RSS feeds of podcasts would be brilliant!