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Possibility to add friends without Facebook Accounts (Spotify ID)

Status: Implemented

Hi! I just stumbled across a problem; I have friends who don't have facebook / don't use facebook / who hate facebook.

I tried searching a way to add them as friends so I could send them songs and see their playlists etc, but I was unable to find a solution... 




- To be able to add friends using their Spotify login ID

- To be able to see their actions in Spotify Social (what they are listening to)


Hey everyone! You can now find your friends by searching for either their Spotify username or their full name (if their Spotify account is linked to their Facebook).

Thanks for kudos and comments on this idea. We'd love to keep getting your feedback around this feature! 



Its funny to read some of the other comments here - suggestions for how to try to find people in facebooks directory (or even spotifys) when the original idea author is perfectly clear - the problem that this awful spotify/facebook double act (why ?!) is that its predicated on the assumption that all your friends (I mean actual friends in real life) are automatically "friends" on facebook etc. Which since the world consists of more than spotty teanagers in fact isnt the case


Let me extend the original idea authors suggestion with the specific request that whats added is the ability to send the artist/song title etc (for either a song or a complete playlist) in an EMAIL. yes, good old fashioned steam driven email, like grandpa used to use before facebook came along. the kind grown ups use when working etc.


of course it could also include a link that will play it in spotify *if* the reciever happens to be a spotify user already. And a link to let people who arent download it


Every other mature app supports sending links by email (not least most web browsers. it seems really obvious.


BTW, the facebook thing generally is REALLY IRRITATING for those of us that arent spoty teanagers. I see why you did it, I understand, really. But I think its a mistake - it risks marginalising spotify to that niche, which is less than the world.  Hey, Im not one but grannys have 9surprisingly) turned out to be really active on line. But facebook really isnt their thing. More seriously, a few of us work for a living and many companies really dont like facebook at work. And/or we really have grown tired of "friends" who feel the need to tell the whole f world they have just had a poo


Spotify is great for music. You dont need facebook. its baggage and dilutes your purpose. Dump them. At the very least give us a more general way that allows us to share with everyone who uses the internet. ie email




This is absurd. Count me among those who hate facebook and does not have an account. Spotify has a user databse... just make it searchable to add friends and make a privacy policy... come on. I signed up the day spotify was available in the US and have been waiting for this feature since then.


 i didnt know how to do that...but now i do!!!!


i mean,like, my frieds told me their usernames and i found them and then i followed them!


I've been trying to figure out how to do the drag and drop option so songs end up in people's inboxes. I FINALLY figured out how to follow peopel thanks to you guys.

This worked for me - spotify:user:username

Now I'm following a few friends but can't figure out how to drag anything to their name because it doesn't appear in the side bar. Please help this idiot out.


You can either right click on a track/playlist and select "Share" > "Send to Friend" and enter their name in the box or if you just want to send a track there should be a share button to the left of the track name. 



Status changed to: Under Consideration


Hello everyone, Spotify here. We've taken a look at this idea and I think we can offer some valuable information and an update.


If you didn't already know, you can search any user in Facebook by entering the following in the search field of Spotify: spotify:user:USERNAME. Also, once you've found their user profile doing this you can "follow" them to see what they're listening to in your news feed, if they've activated sharing in their preferences.


However, Spotify doesn't have a "search user service" as such. The friends you search in Spotify are viewable because you're already following them. In other words, its a much lighter technical request for Spotify to search your friends and people you follow for a user that matches instead of all the users in Spotify.


We happen to agree that this is a great idea so we're going to mark this as "Under Consideration".


What's are the next steps between "Under Consideration" to "Implemented"?   How can customers, who pay you money to maintain this service and improve it, track where this idea is at any time so there are no duplicate threads.


The former sounds like a backlog list which will never be reviewed, scoped or implemented.


Ditto, many of my friends are NOT on Facebook.  I am a premium subscriber and I have been crowing about the virtues of your service to non Facebook user friends.  They are checking your service out, and then I find I cannot share my playlists with them!!

Please respond with a meaningful update rather than re-pasting your old response!!




So far a loyal user and wanting to spread the word...

Hi, I've always added people using the technique described above but now the add button seems to have disappeared? I can follow a user but he doesn't appear in the spotify people list on the iOS app... So unable to share songs with him other than through the desktop version. What gives? Anyone else finding this?