Possibility to add friends without Facebook Accounts (Spotify ID)

Hi! I just stumbled across a problem; I have friends who don't have facebook / don't use facebook / who hate facebook.

I tried searching a way to add them as friends so I could send them songs and see their playlists etc, but I was unable to find a solution... 




- To be able to add friends using their Spotify login ID

- To be able to see their actions in Spotify Social (what they are listening to)


Hey everyone! You can now find your friends by searching for either their Spotify username or their full name (if their Spotify account is linked to their Facebook).

Thanks for kudos and comments on this idea. We'd love to keep getting your feedback around this feature! 


I'm having the same problem, dj_wooders. A friend of mine is trying to share a playlist with me for an upcoming road trip. She emailed it to me, but can find no way to share it with me. In the desktop app, I can see it and follow her and the list, but I don't see it at all in either the iPhone or iPad apps, which des me no use as I'm not bringing the desktop in the car with me for the drive. 


This is seriously undermining the value of Spotify to me And getting me to consider other music services. 


Has this feature been implemented yet?  Is there an ETA?


The spotify:user:USERNAME thing worked for me. Thanks!

SirVirtigo. No it doesnt All that does is take you to the user's playlists. You can't add them and they don't appear in the iOS app's friends list when followed.

If Spotify needed this basic social networking concept to be filed under "Spotify Ideas" before even putting it "under consideration," they're in a boatload of trouble.

I too loathe Facebook. I had an account and had followed a few friends before deleting it. I now see bits and pieces from those users, and can only browse their playlists when a message comes up in the activity window.. I can't search for new friends or navigate to my current friends. Spotify has the capability for an independent community, searchable and immediate, broadcasting to all social networks (including google+).. Not dependent on one.

I've managed to dodge Facebook using the German storefront from Spotify. 

Now I'd like to add  a friend to follow, using the spotify:user:username workaround but that seems to require me to use facebook again 😞


So a year and a half after this thread was started has Spotify made any changes to people without FB accounts adding friends to their account?


Where is the independant Spotify community sharing playlists and musical interests? Facebook is a dying social network, people don't want to be tied to it given it's intrusion into personal lives and its increasing commerical drive.


I vote for a Spotify Music Community function!


Just came across this thread googling for information on adding friends without facebook accounts. Seems incredible to me that a company which gives a service like spotitfy should change their rules/procedures favoring a third party and not their users. And all this with just an "under consideration" response. 


Seems something enough to cancel my account.