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[Release Radar] Thumbs up/down on Release Radar

Release Radar is a great feature that give us a weekly selection of the newest releases that matter most to us. But generally some of the songs aren't what we expect.


My suggestion is that we can give thumbs up/down to them, just like we do to the radio playlists.



Updated on 2018-11-11

Hey folks, 


We're happy to inform that the Like/Dislike feature is already implemented for your Release Radars. Just make sure you have your apps up-to-date


You can find more info about Release Radar here 🙂

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2017-09-10

Marked as new idea. 😉


Yes!!! Exactly! Need this


Great idea


My only issue with this is that the Release Radar is not a radio, its a playlist like your Discover Weekly. I don't see a point in having a thumbs up/thumbs down. I think a better system would be to blacklist certain artists from showing up in your Release Radar who you don't want updates for.


Would like to see some traction on this idea. Has been broguht up now numerous times. I've yet to hear a reason why it can't be implemented. 


Hey @swankysox, it's not a radio, but it could and should work like one. There's no point in getting random suggestions that have nothing to do with our musical taste, right?



Yes, I don't want Russian songs in my release radar.


I need this feature in my life!! My coworker tainted my profile when I forgot to lock my PC one day. He likes rap, and played some, so now my release radar is no longer filled with just metal 😞


I now have a goofy mix of rap and metal, which is extremely frustrating. I want to blacklist / thumbs down / or somehow filter it out!


I really hope that this feature request gains traction....


I agree - it would be nice if I could actually remove an artist from playing on any playlist including Release Radar. Or if there are better taste settings/profile we can fill out. My Release Radar is full of artists that I don't care for and or genres of music that I don't care for. 


I agree, I listen to popular music and I get music that is a copy of it.. like for ex: bank account, i get a song called ms in my bank account