[Release Radar] Thumbs up/down on Release Radar

Status: Implemented

Release Radar is a great feature that give us a weekly selection of the newest releases that matter most to us. But generally some of the songs aren't what we expect.


My suggestion is that we can give thumbs up/down to them, just like we do to the radio playlists.



Updated on 2018-11-11

Hey folks, 


We're happy to inform that the Like/Dislike feature is already implemented for your Release Radars. Just make sure you have your apps up-to-date


You can find more info about Release Radar here 🙂


I still don't agree that it should be a radio. It's a playlist because it's supposed to be new releases tuned to what you listen to. New songs aren't released everyday that are similar to the artists you listen to the most. The radio would end up repeating the same songs, unless you want the release radar to play 'new songs' from the past 6-12 months, but then it's not a release radar. It's a current year radio. If you look at all the release dates for your release radar, its all songs released in the past 30 days from artists you listen to or artists like that you listen to. An ability to exclude artists from this playlist would be a great way to control this algorithm to fine tune your next weeks results.


That ok, but you can make Releas Radar better if you can delte songs from it so it can get better and better for each time.

The realeas data picks up everthing you play. I and many with me use spotify with family too and then theres song you dont want inn your Release Radar.


Yes please. I would love for "my" Release Radar to be filled with artists I actually follow rather than music from hip-hop and rnb artists that I have never in my life listed to let alone follow. It's unbelievable how worthless this feature is for me. I've never listened to Chris Brown or Busta Rhymes yet they and artists like them keep showing up week after week.  


The point of the release radar is to find releases for bands you follow plus bands that you might like that are releasing new songs. There should not be artists in our release radar for other genres, that I'm hoping are not paid for by labels. Allowing the possibility to blacklist artists and artists like those from our playlist would help a lot in finding new music that we would prefer to listen to, instead of finding new artists that we will not like. Anthel has hit the nail on the head with explaining their situation.


Totally agree. Especially for certain types of mix artists. For example, I listened to Above and Beyond or Armin Van Burren, they have new songs ALLLLLLLLLL the time as they're just listed as megamixes, remixes etc, which i don't overly care for.


It's great to see so many users supporting this idea. 


Please share it to your friends - the greater the likes amount, the greater the chance of this idea being implemented somehow.


Oh, yes! 


Somehow I ended up with a huge percentage of gospel music on mine...I'm an atheist. So...thumbs down.


For the love of God, PLEASE add this feature!
Discover Weekly is still awesome, but recently something is seriously wrong with my Release Radar

In 2017 my most popular type of music was Alternative Metal. This is not the only type of music that i listen to, but one thing for sure, i don't listen to EDM. My Discovery Weekly is EDM free, but my Release Radar is **bleep**ed up. Sorry, but i can't phrase it any better. Why do i get this "Group Therapy" pretty much EVERY WEEK in my Release radar, when i don't listen to EDM? And this is not the only EDM in the weekly Release radar, but this is the one that reappears.
This week one of my favorite band released they new album, and they did't made it to my list, but Group Therapy on the other hand...

It feels like i have no control over what gets into my list.






I also wonder how it's possible I've been getting A State Of Trance in my release radar. I never ever listen to A State of Trance.. or Trance in general. Feels like it's just muffled in there as a deal between ASOT and Spotify...


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