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Repeat TRACK Mode!


Repeat track mode is now available
Thanks to everyone for your support helping me get Spotify to add this! 😃 


Daniel Ek told me in person that Repeat One is his favorite Spotify feature. 



Why isn't there an option to just repeat a track? I hate having to place a song in a playlist of its own, and then put it on repeat which just repeats the playlist. People have been suggesting you add this feature for years now!


EVERY music app should have this feature! This feature should be on all the Spotify apps across all platforms.


Add it to the same button as now with a 3-step repeat mode:

2. Repeat TRACK

3. Repeat OFF


My mockup of what this would look like in the iPad app (similar for desktop and other mobile devices):



My Comments:


If Spotify wants to compete with the competition, they need to add this basic feature!


It worries me that Spotify hasn't implemented this popular simple idea from 4 years ago, but instead they implement more complex newer ideas.


If you ask some people -- this has been a request since the launch of Spotify.


I love Spotify, but it hurts that a simple feature like this gets passed up every time new features are rolled out.


I feel like I'm living in the 1990s with no repeat track mode anywhere to be found within Spotify.


This is a basic feature and it's being looked at like a grain of salt. 


I comb through Twitter search every day and a lot of people are very confused on how the repeat mode works so I link them to this idea.


I've referred 50+ people now to the link... some didn't know that it only repeated the playlist.


This is very confusing for a lot of people, especially newcomers.


Oh and look at all of these confused people:


News articles that agree:

This has just been implemented for everyone using Spotify (0.9.7 and up) on their desktop. Thanks to Matt for the suggestion and so many others who gave this idea their kudos!



I'd like to be able to play just one song which I searched for, without creating a new Playlist every time.


Scenario: you suddenly have a craving for a song. Let's say a U2-song, "Sunday bloody sunday". You need it - now. Because you are making dinner, and that's an awsome dinner-making-song.


But when you search for it you get 1492 hits. You don't want to hear all the versions and duplicates in one long boring row. Just that one song. Once.


The work-around: creating a Playlist. Not elegant, since you soon will be cluttered with Playlists.


How about "Right-Click -> Play this song". Or, clearing the "play cue" after a search. Something, that prevents me from dashing out of the kitchen after 4:38 min to hit "stop".



63% awsome!


/ Andreas




My "Repeat TRACK Mode" would help with this. It's kind of the same general idea you are talking about.


You would click the song you want from search and put the repeat mode on "track only".


This idea is currently "under consideration".


But I can see what you mean by you only want to hear the song ONCE. Spotify SHOULD add a play once option for songs in search. A right click option would be best. 


I agree. Sometimes I'd like to have 1 song on constant repeat, but if I put the repeat on at a playlist -> it plays the whole list and not just the single song I would like to. I end up always pushing back button when the song switches. So this function would be great


- Add a function to be able to listen 1 song only from the list.

- Add a function to be able to toggle mode per list and per song. Repeat etc....


Yes, thanks, would love to have that! By the way, talking also about the Apps for iOS and/or Android.




New to Spotify after many many years with iTunes. How on earth can this function have been overseen by Spotify. I just don't get it. Dios mio!!! För farao!!


Hello Spotify,


It's a small and simple request (mainly because you're already working on a non-Gingerbread App for Android and WP7 already has a pretty good one):


Make it possible so I can simply repeat the song I'm currently listening to.


Not the whole album. Not the whole playlist. Simple as that.




Please make it so. This feature alone makes Spotify an utter joke and's a basic feature that I've seen in every other player. 


More and more people are starting to want this feature. I hope Spotify is listening! 😃


Sometimes I have phases that I find some song from the catalog and just wish to hear that song over and over again without interfering with the app itself. Doing something while your concentrated - listening to a great song that motivates you - this addition would be a great to implement.