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Shuffle all music on mobile device

Posted by user jayafink on the support side of things:

[quote] Can you shuffle all of the playlists and tracks within on the Ipod Touch?  I made lots of playlists by artist name, with hundreds of tracks in all of them.  In spotify itself you can click on "library" under "collection" to shuffle all of it, but there is no "collection" or "library" buttons on the Ipod app.  It seems you can only shuffle within a particular playlist and not all of them on the Ipod.  Is that true or am I missing something? [/quote]

I wholeheartedly concur. I am an album guy so I am alway creating offline available playlists for individual albums. But sometimes it's good to put all music in play randomly. Doesn't seem to be supported on the mobile version currently.

Can we see this feature at some point?

Updated: 2015-11-18

Hey everyone, with Your Music you can now shuffle all Songs on your mobile device. 

Just go to Your Music > Songs > Shuffle. Enjoy!




We need this option! it sucks not having it! It was one of the best features of players such as Windows Media Player and the "Music" iPhone app.


Press shuffle button once for playlist shuffle.Press shuffle button twice for random shuffle across all playlists.Press again to turn shuffle off...Press repeat button once for (currently playing) song repeat.Press twice for playlist repeat..C'mon spotify fairies,make it happen please ....


It makes for SAFER car use too bc it asks less of you to manage. Otherwise you're faced with turning on the radio, in which case why pay $10/mo?

Do it spotify!

Please do this Spotify so many people are asking for it!


Seriously, this was posted 2 years ago and still nothing?   I currently am paying $10 monthly, and it is ridiculous that I cannot shuffle all of the music I paid for on my iPhone.   This seems like a basic feature that should have been included on the first version.  I see that Spotify was looking into this question almost two years ago, but still no official answer.  PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE TO MOBILE DEVICES!!   This is how people listen to their music, and maybe not everyone listens to their music all at once, but it needs to be an option.  This is my only complaint, everything else seems to be working and is worth the $10.   This one issue though may cause me to go back to iTunes.   PLEASE CONSIDER ADDING THIS FEATURE PLEASE AND THANK YOU!




I have just started the three month trial of Beats Music that AT&T customers get. There are things that Spotify does better (espeically since Beats doesn't scrobble to yet). but it DOES have a shuffle all in library function.


Not sure if I'll wind up sticking with Beats once the free trial is over, but it's worth a look.


Please add this feature! I would make a list myself but its just too time consuming to copy all the songs and each time you add a playlist or song to add it to that list. Ain't nobody got time for that!


Any updates Spotify? I'd really like to see this feature in the next couple of updates. 


Cancelled long time paid subscription today due to lack of this feature only.