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Spotify In Canada

I would LOVE to see spotify in Canada, I have been using it via VPN, but sadly can't subscribe to it via credit card cause i'm under a canadian address, I know a bunch of people here would love to have access to Spotify!


Hello Canada. Spotify here. 

This week Canada become the fifty-eighth member of the Spotify family. From Vancouver to Montreal to St. John’s and everywhere in between, fans have immediate access to over 20 million songs at your fingertips

And a special occasion deserves a special playlist, O Canada!


There are 20% of the Chinese from my music are gray out when i login from Canada. and almost done of the Japanese songs are gray in Canada. 

I guess they are still having copyright issue to deal with.  Hope this situation will get better in the future.  


I have a premium account in the US and would like to add an account for Canada to the original. Is this possible?