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Spotify Xbox One app

I'm aware that a large majority of Spotify users won't be gamers but with Microsoft's latest console, the Xbox One, do you think it'd be possible to get a Spotify app? Now that it's possible to multi-task and stream while you game the opportunity to gain new monthly subscribers is massive.


It's already possible as seen with Microsofts new service "Xbox Music" which features heavily in the new console. I know I'd definitely use the app if there was one. Anyone else?

Updated on 2017-08-09

Massive news in the Community today. We're implementing the second largest idea request for all of you.

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Spotify is now available on Xbox One in 34 markets* around the world. The new integration means that millions of Xbox One gamers can now choose the perfect music from Spotify to provide a fresh soundtrack for every gaming session.


Spotify allows you to personalize your gaming experience through your saved music, pre-curated gaming playlists and the full catalogue of Spotify music in the background, while in game. Simply play music on demand, whether you are a free or Premium Spotify user. Creating your personalised gaming soundtrack has never been so simple.


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Thanks for your continued feedback here, we're listening!


Yes! I would love to have a Spotify app on Xbox One!


It would let gamers listen to music while casually playing. It's easier than having Spotify on a laptop/ tablet/ iPod/ etc.


To everyone making demands and threats to Spotify about making their app available... stop and think about if for a second.  The Xbox One belongs to Microsoft.  It's up to them what apps they allow to go on their console.  Im sure Spotify would love to make an app available to us, but I'm not so sure MS wil allow it. The fact that the One doesn't even allow streaming from your own network anymore leads me to believe that they may be trying to push us to the Xbox music service and they may not welcome the Spotify competition.  


Yes please to this one. I hoped for an app for the 360 and to-day I have my Xbox One so I am keen for spotify to use this format. Perhaps the web interface will work in this enviroment... if it does I will come and post a comment.


Ran up the Xbox One yesterday and tried to load the Spotify Web version and sadly it uses Shockwave Flash which is not available on the Xbox platform... it made me remember I already tried this on my 360. Any chance of doing a pure html version of Spotify? Or maybe a text driven version for those of us that are not interested in graphics?


The xbox one app is really bad in my opinion.  I think Spotify would blow it away interface wise.


After using XBox Music, Pandora and Spotify, Spotify is by far the best music solution.   But its the only one that I can't run through my xbox one which I'm running all of my home entertainment through now.    I'd prefer to drop the others for Spotify, but I now run Pandora on the xbox one over XBox Music because it has better radio station support for things like genres which xbox music can't do at all.    All spotify needs is a web based interface that runs on the xbox one since that is you you can run Pandora, just through the I.E. browser built into the xbox one.    But it doesn't support Flash so I can't run Spotify's web browser interface. Using a web browser interface you could then pin it to your xbox one home menu (no issues with having to get a dedicated xbox one app approved).


Absolutely, a presence on the Xbox One, the next generation in home entertainment, would be a great fit for Spotify.  I'm curious if the port from their current Win8 mobile app would be relatively painless with the way Microsoft is trying to keep a pretty consistent feel across all devices.  I use the Spotify Win8 app on my phone every day and would definitely use an Xbox app.  I also agree there could be some potential in going after the Xbox, not just for the gaming community, but a whole new venture into home entertainment with hand gestures, voice commands and multi-tasking.


@unique - the Xbox does allow for network streaming.  It's Sony who has removed it from their next gen console.  Microsoft already allows apps to be made for their mobile and PC operating systems, even by competitors to services they provide.  It shouldn't be any different with the Xbox, especially since they are attempting to consolidate all of their devices into a single system with Win8 and the whole live tiles thing.

It's a "must have"! I have been using Spotify while playing video games on my PC for a long time. Now that I bought an Xbox One I feel that something is missing while I use it. And that is Spotify!


Would love to see an app for Xbox One coming soon 🙂

Hmmm listen to music offline.... Listen to music while I game... Which would I rather have??? I just want both

I don't have a pay account with Spotify, and I already subscribed to XBox Music. However, if Spotify comes up with an Xbox One app, I will happily start paying for Spotify, since XBox Music seems to have a worse selection of music (a lot of indie music isn't on their service).