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Support Windows 10 Change-Volume-UI




When using the volume knob/button on keyboard in Windows 10 and a song is playing in Windows Media Player, it looks like in the image above. Not only does the systems volume level indicator show up, but also the current song with metadata, cover art and simple controls.


It would be really great if music playing in Spotify showed up here too.

Updated: 2016-11-29


This just happened to me today, and I would really like it to be removed.  Like stated above the display covers much of the screen which makes it hard to run most applications.  

Please add an option somewhere to disable/enable this feature.


Remove this sh**. I'm looking for an regedit tweak to remove this **bleep**... any one found a way to disable this entirely, or make it visible for less than 5sek? Hey Spotify devs... one checkbox as an option, sooo hard... so many lines of code, so many variables, so many loops... so hard...


Spotify: Remove this feature or make it optional. It's very annoying!

I had no option but to disable the volume notification using this tool: HideVolumeOSD


 Very disappointed with this addition, covers a very large portion of my monitor and stays up for way too long. I looked into settings for both windows and in spotify and didn't find a single thing. I refuse to download 3rd party programs for a temporary workaround, this should be optional not mandatory. Honestly I don't see how this got past a quality control team upon first testing.


I renamed C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Windows.Media.MediaControl.dll to something else, so Spotify can't access it. This prevents the media info and controls popup from showing. Didn't seem to break anything else.

Keyboard media keys and volume control still works. The vertical volume slider also still works, and pops up normally when adjusting volume. This may be used, AT YOUR OWN RISK, as a (hopefully temporary) workaround until Spotify makes this optional. 


EDIT: doing this will now apparently block your Spotify from opening, but they added an option to disable the overlay in the settings. If you did this, just rename the file back to what it was. Thanks Spotify.


Is it possible to disable this function? 




How do I turn this off? It's annoying for gaming and is extremely disruptive.

I beg you Spotify Team, I beg you, please REMOVE this feature, I got the update today, and can't use spotify becasue of this feature. Please make it optional or remove it.


How can you remove this pop up is the question? 


It's really annoying as it shows up on top of ALL applications and stays on for WAY too long. And if you hover over it too quickly it wil reappear. 


Maybe a good idea if you can toggle it on/off, but without the toggle off it's plain terrible in my experience. 


how to get rid of it?
adjusting the volume a little breaks my workflow for 5 seconds now (it displays right over the most important UI of almost any application beneath)

Also who thought it was a good Idea to add buttons you have to click with the mouse to an UI that can only be invokey through keys?

edit: thx to another commenter: renamed C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Windows.Media.MediaControl.dll

works, but you need to claim ownership over the file, than change permissions, than rename.