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Support Windows 10 Change-Volume-UI




When using the volume knob/button on keyboard in Windows 10 and a song is playing in Windows Media Player, it looks like in the image above. Not only does the systems volume level indicator show up, but also the current song with metadata, cover art and simple controls.


It would be really great if music playing in Spotify showed up here too.

Updated: 2016-11-29


I really want to turn it off. It's annoying. Make it optional. Thank you


Would also like for it to be optional. As it is I've downloaded HideVolumeOSD to completely hide the sound OSD since this started happening for me today. I first went to Spotify settings to see if there was a deactivation option but there wasn't, so 3rd party app it is!


I also had trouble with this at work today. Looked for option to turn it off. Thanks to this thread I learned how to change the Windows.Media.MediaContro.dll, but please address this issue! Very annoying.


+ annoying 😞


It's perfectly fine to have this as an option, but please make it easy to disable such a feature!! I find this update extremely annoying as the widget frequently covers somehting I'm reading, trying to type or want to click on, not to mention it is destracting!

Thank you Spotify Team.

My Spotify just got updated, and there is a option under settings, which you can disable this notification.


Thanks a lot.


Thank you for making it optional!!! 😃

Status changed to: Implemented
Updated: 2016-11-29


Thank !!! =D


Ahhh!  Thank god I can finally get rid of this curse!! I was a couple of  volume scrolls away from switching to Napster because of this intrusive feature. If windows 10 is already horrible; I would expect the apps not to contribute to their disastrous UI. Being in the middle of a game and scrolling the volume down/up a bit and having the whole darn (Album info and art) thing showing up in the screen just because you left the app running in the background is a no no!