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[Web Player] Bring back the queue!!!

The web browser just updated and I can no longer see my queue of songs nor add songs to the queue. 


This feature is an absolute must at work, why did you take it away? 

Unhappy at the moment and will gladly cancel my subscription if this feature is gone for good. 

Updated on 2018-01-30

 Hey everyone, this has now been implemented! You should now be able to find your Play Queue when using the Spotify Web Player. Thanks for your feedback here.


This is a really useful function, and I would really love to have it back. I love Spotify, and I definitely want to keep my subscription, and not having the queue is making it harder to want to keep paying for Spotify. Please please please bring it back. 


Clearly Spotify hasn't heard of the concept of non-regression...


Connect is a cool feature but c'mon. Adding new features is not an excuse to completely f**k up existing ones.


Really don’t like the new S without the play queue..... it’s AWFUL. Put it back please ASAP😢


Spotify is one of the best examples of removing basic funtionality from a product. Microsoft and Google are really good at it also.



Are ypu remoing a basic functionality of the web player?



Bring back the queue button. How are we supposed to make party playlists? Appalling decision.


That's outrageous. I am sure >99% of all Spotify users rely on the queue function.


"we don't have plans to bring back the play queue at this moment"


You've got to be kidding, I can't access my play queue?


Currently using my phone to access the queue for music playing on my computer (web player at work). How is this a better experience than having this functionality in the web player? 


How has this not been addressed? I assume the strongly worded comment previously posted was removed but it reflects the wider sentiment. Would you not have this feature on the mobile or desktop app? No. Why is it then acceptable to not have it on the web player? If it’s a technical issue then say so, but I find that hard to believe. 


Gimme the Queue!