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[Web Player] Bring back the old Web Player

The minimalism of the web player makes it near unusable (self.spotify)

submitted 2 minutes ago by MovkeyB

Here is a list of basic stuff that got removed:

  • See the radio
  • See the queue
  • See the song length
  • see how far in the song you are

Here is stuff that got destroyed in terms of functionality.

  • adding a song to a playlist is now a lot more difficult and requires moving a lot more bc it opens up a HUGE window instead of the little menu

  • The volume slider is not live, its drag and drop so you can't hear the effect of the volume change in real time

Everything is HUGE and they just seem to love all the dead space and tell me pretty much nothing about whats going on.

It's atrocious. I've used it for about 10 minutes and I already despise it with a burning passion. These things I mentioned are just the ones that are just immediately obvious because I USE THEM FREQUENTLY

Updated on 2019-06-25

Hey folks, 


We're just going through a few older ideas that we haven't updated. 


Most of the functionality listed in the original post exists on the Web Player. The queue can be found in the bottom right corner near the Volume bar and you can find Radio by clicking the three dots next to any song, album or playlist. 


If you have any new ideas you'd like to see on the webplayer, feel to submit them here.




You can still use it


play.spotify auto-redirects to open.spotify on chrome. However edge seems to use play.spotify (which confuses the **bleep** out of me) but having multiple web browsers open isn't good for performance. 


i think they are migrating the new web player. step-by-step they will enable all the functions which have been used before. be more patient 🙂

i've tried on internet explorer, and it still works on old interface. 


Came here to point out the adding to playlist topic.

I use spotify at work, and the new feature to add to playlist is quite disruptive.


It's over complicated and a fix for something it wasn't broke. The easy dropdown menu that showed after clicking on "..." was much more user friendly. Navigating through all the huge squares with album covers at work can easily be interpreted as "slacking off", it also takes more time and recquires your attention to break. 


ps: also can we have it back the option to add song to playlist in the little thumbnail? 




I agree, the new web browser is a step backwards. I don't like the extra step to save songs to my playlist (all you used to have to do was check it off) and I can't seem to figure out how to find my friends I'm following. The rest I'm sure I'll get used to, but how do I find those I'm following?


Totally agree with this. My most used sections of Discover were the "listen to these because you listened to this" sections and now they're gone. Why get rid of features that capitalize on Spotify's unique ability to rec good music?



And the performance is terrible. Every single link I hit, even ones that open in a new window, cause the song playing to skip now. Never happened before. Serious downgrade.

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Updated: 2017-02-21

Marked as new idea.


Please bring back the previous version of Spotify the updated version is not user friendly. It doesn't allow you to easily see if you already have a song in your playlist without first clicking on it and checking, before you could see if the green arrow was checked. Also the artist’s pages are harder to navigate, before each album was displayed as you scrolled down and its songs below each album. Now you have to individually click on each album to find the songs. Also when you are in a playlist and click on an artist there is no way to easily scroll through artists like before when you would click out of the page it would take you to the previous artist, now you have to go all the way back to the playlist you were originally on. Also it doesn’t save your spot in the playlist like before it just takes you to the top and you have to scroll down again. This new “update” got rid of a lot of functional features.


I'm having this same issue, I really hope this new version isn't here to stay, it is terrible!


Thank you. God. I don't get this emphasis on minimalism. I want features. I payed for features. Queing tracks was one of the main reasons I subscribed in the first place. How the heck can they remove this? It is so incredibly aggrevating.