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[Web Player] Bring back the queue!!!

The web browser just updated and I can no longer see my queue of songs nor add songs to the queue. 


This feature is an absolute must at work, why did you take it away? 

Unhappy at the moment and will gladly cancel my subscription if this feature is gone for good. 

Updated on 2018-01-30

 Hey everyone, this has now been implemented! You should now be able to find your Play Queue when using the Spotify Web Player. Thanks for your feedback here.


The play queue is absolutely essentially at work. Why you'd remove such a basic and useful function is beyond me.


Bad call to take away the play queue, Spotify. That was the one feature that I loved about Spotify, and I can't stream without it. You were Pandora's hot sister, and now with, you look like you started doing meth.


1000000000% AGREE , SO STUPID!

Cono26 do I cancel I'm furious about the foolish forced changes


Technically, it's still there (once you pair another device, say your phone or your laptop with the spotify app installed, assuming you have a premium account of course); you can then queue songs from those devices as your listening to your music from the web player


But I get that this isn't a viable solution for everybody (especially people at the workplace) hence why voted on the idea as well- plus it's kinda counter-intuitive



Agree, this is necessary for all of us who use Spotify at work. And bring back the "add to play queue" - sometimes you want to hear a particular song but don't want to mess up you current playlist.

Why can't IT guys ask before forcing changes on everyone. Don't confuse our silence for apathy, sometimes it is actually from contentment (and yes I hate Windows 10).


Everytime I come back, something sucks even worse.  Optomism fades....


YES! The new webplayer is ridiculous! I might actually stop using this because I can't deal with the lack of functionality. Why take away the play queue? I cannot think of any scenario where this is a good idea


Agreed, fireable offense to take that feature away


 Yes please please -,- i hate this new -,-