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[Xbox] Cross-device Volume Control - Xbox via Connect



Unfortunately, the volume can no longer be changed via PC or smartphone on Xbox when the Spotify client is running on Xbox. However, this function still existed until last week. Have you permanently removed them or will they come back with the next updates? Unfortunately, the missing feature takes a little bit of the option to use the Xbox as a media center. 





Updated on 2021-06-30

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that volume control via Connect is now available on Xbox. This feature is now accessible with version for Spotify on Xbox, so make sure to check for updates. 


If afterwards there're any issues, we recommend a reinstall of the app on both the Xbox and the controlling device.


Once again, thanks for all the votes and helping make this a reality!


This is dumb. I PAY for this. Add this back. It’s literally unusable without it.


Spotify really is the MVP of removing features. Shocking stuff really, worst development team of all time.


Just a heads up to everyone in this thread - we need to get 600 likes for Spotify to even look at our idea 


We are 400 likes away 


(And I'm about a week away from dumping this terrible platform. Worst customer service / experience I've ever seen - I mean really disgraceful ) 


Thanks for making everything so difficult Spotify 


This should never have been removed. 


It's bizarre that such a useful feature was intentionally removed in the first place. 


Can't believe it's gone. It's such a useful feature and a must if you ask me.


I'd love to see the volume feature back, since the alternative is to reach for the remote.. at that point, you might as well just listen to AM radio.


When you're trying to game and play music on Xbox , you can't turn it down on the remote because the lowest setting you can have Spotify playing on Xbox is still really really loud 


The only way to circumvent this without Spotify changing it is to switch to another service (You Tube music allows you to control volume remotely) 


Voted even though we shouldn't have to do this to get this feature returned to us.


Everyone just share it to your family and have them share it to random people just to get the vote up. It’s dumb we have to vote but we CANNN get it back


Judging by the responses we got so far, i'm starting to think the dev team found some problem while updating the code, didn't knew how to fix it so as to keep it working as it always had, so they decided to remove the whole feature hoping no one would notice...


I don’t know if the “dev team” realizes just how badly we need this volume control back working again. I have not used Spotify background music on my Xbox in close to 3 weeks.  The cause is simple, the volume is simply too LOUD and drones out gameplay sound.  I feel like I am Brad Pitt in Fightclub and the “dev team” is the mob shutting down the basement fights.  I’m **bleep** and beaten pleading thru blood soaked teeth to the “dev team” to please let us have our volume control back.