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Zoom options

Zoom options to change all elements, including text size, spacing, etc.

It would be nice to have some zoom options to change the text size in the desktop application. It could be separate options for the sidebar and the main screen.

Updated: 2016-03-07

Hey folks--now you can zoom in and zoom out of the Desktop app using the View settings in the Toolbar. Thanks for your great idea @OviiiOne!


I agree, with the new update everything is huge. I have to scroll absolutely everywhere. Mostly the side navigation bar, playlists and radio screen, but just about everything could do with some downsizing options. Perhaps just a toggle between desktop/touchscreen mode if full zoom-like options are not feasible. 



YES PLEASE. I opened this on my notebook laptop and holy hell, I could see like 5 tracks of my playlist of over 300 songs. I have to scroll everywhere. On every panel. I am a 26 year old man, not a 75 year old grandma. I don't need giant info. I like the colors but PLEASE allow a zoom. It's unbearable at this point. I have it open now at work where I have a much larger screen and it's still way too big IMO. 


OMG, holy hell what is going on???  I did the update today and geez louise everything is enormous!!!  WHY???    This happened on Facebook's recent update too.  Why does everything have to get so BIG with every update????  OMG, I may be part of GenX and I may be 44 years old but I am not blind yet!!! 

Can something PLEASE be done about this?  I seriously cannot function in spotify with kindergarten font.


This feature is highly needed. The new design with all this "big" things misses one important point as an UI. It is used by HUMANS! And as a human i am capable of overlooking and searching in a list of 100 playlists or songs and more, not just 30 or something. Searching something gets really slow with this... you have to scroll and at the same time search for the thing. At thing we are not so good at.

With the fact that you often know where you roughly will find the searched playlist/song/... you are way faster with seeing more of them (old design) than now (new design).

However, i like the white-on-black! 😄


I'm actually using the web player more than the desktop client at the moment. CTRL-mouse wheel works wonders!


@jwylot wrote:

I'm actually using the web player more than the desktop client at the moment. CTRL-mouse wheel works wonders!

I only use the Spotify desktop program and the Android phone app. This doesn't help me at all.


I have two 24" screens and they're not touch screens. There should be an option to toggle between:



"Touchscreen-friendly UI" or

"Compact UI" (or something like that)


It doesn't need to be as complex as "Zoom", because that implies multiple size/spacing combinations, and that introduces other UI design challenges that may make it prohibitive to implement.


It may be tempting for Spotify to dismiss all these complaints as "normal resistance to change; they'll get over it", but I think you have enough tech-savvy people here telling you you've got it wrong this time to actually take notice and do something about it. I'm paying you $120 a year for this, remember? I've never paid so much for a program I use on my private computer at home!


Agreed! I'd click kudos a million times if I could.

Thanks for linking me to this, jwylot. 


They need to address and implement this. At least an option to resize default text and remove bold text from the sidebar (the text is so big, why do you need to emphasize it even more?!). 


It looks like they designed it for the phone, and just enlarged everything for desktop. Consistency is nice, but not at the user's expense. Even Windows Media Player looks like a beauty compared to this "new look". 


Eurgh. It takes so much effort to actually try and add something constructive when my head is just screaming "I HATE IT. DELETE IT NOW!". Oops, it came out anyway. If Spotify was more usable on the phone app, I would've deleted the desktop version immediately. 

YES, please let the customer use skins or scale fonts, at least. THX

The new black UI is a step backwards. The giant spacing between lines is horrible. The highlighted color is barely distinguishable. I've always thought Spotify's dark interface was a huge improvement over iTunes' stark white, but this is taking it too far. 

Totally agree- there has to be a compact option. I can deal with color changes, but the size is ridiculous. I can only see 15 songs on my screen, compared to 39 on iTunes despite iTunes having a larger header bar. It's impossible to arrange songs in a playlist when you can't even fit a full CD on the screen