Zoom options

Zoom options to change all elements, including text size, spacing, etc.

It would be nice to have some zoom options to change the text size in the desktop application. It could be separate options for the sidebar and the main screen.

Updated: 2016-03-07

Hey folks--now you can zoom in and zoom out of the Desktop app using the View settings in the Toolbar. Thanks for your great idea @OviiiOne!

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@jwylot wrote:

I'm actually using the web player more than the desktop client at the moment. CTRL-mouse wheel works wonders!

I only use the Spotify desktop program and the Android phone app. This doesn't help me at all.


I have two 24" screens and they're not touch screens. There should be an option to toggle between:



"Touchscreen-friendly UI" or

"Compact UI" (or something like that)


It doesn't need to be as complex as "Zoom", because that implies multiple size/spacing combinations, and that introduces other UI design challenges that may make it prohibitive to implement.


It may be tempting for Spotify to dismiss all these complaints as "normal resistance to change; they'll get over it", but I think you have enough tech-savvy people here telling you you've got it wrong this time to actually take notice and do something about it. I'm paying you $120 a year for this, remember? I've never paid so much for a program I use on my private computer at home!

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented


Hey folks! We're here to let you know this idea is currently "Not right now".

For now please continue giving your kudos and comments here. Thanks for your contributions! We'll keep you guys up-to-date if there are any changes to this idea.


The new zoom setting is really nice, but the application doesn't remember the setting after you restart. Kind of annoying.


Not sure if this has been posted about, but if you zoom out enough, the back button starts to overlap with the window option buttons (minimize, expand, close) on mac. Not sure if this is just a personal resolution/device specific issue, but it is aesthethically unpleasing and once it is overlapping, it becomes a funcionality issue.


'cmd+' shortcut is not working. I think it's a bug.


So, I tried 'shift cmd +' and it worked. However, in the menu, it says 'cmd+'