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[iOS] Optimize the Spotify app for the iPhone X

Please optimize the Spotify app for the iPhone X.


There are black bars at the top and bottom in the app, and because of that, the app doesn't look very great on the device. I'm sure that it's possible to "fix" this in the next few days/weeks so that the app is looking great on all devices again.



Thanks! 😅

Updated on 2017-12-08

Hey folks, 


This has now been implemented in the latest verison of Spotify. If you can't see this update, we'd recommend following the steps here


Thanks for the reports!


Thanks for submitting but honestly it's crazy Spotify didn't plan for this already... Most major players are ready on day 1 and we have to vote on this? Bit embarassing tbh and I've been in Spotify's corner since they launched


Cannot belive they havent update this yet.


Come on Spotify get Your Act together, even iFunny has already updated their app


Spotify is embarrassing when it comes to supporting new Apple hardware on day one. Usually takes them months to get their act together. When your competition is the company that designs the hardware and is supporting it and integrating with it from day one, that’s unacceptable.


Please fix this Spotify. I agree this is embarrassing to not have support for the X on launch day.


Please fix this, app looks terrible with black bars.


This is so shocking. I never wanted to switch to Apple Music but it seems Spotify wants their su subscribers to go away.


Please release an update!


Err just do it Spotify.. this isn’t one for the backlog put it at the top of todo list now.


Spotify’s lack of a watch app and optimization that we have to wait for every darn time is going to drive me to apple music.