[iOS] Optimize the Spotify app for the iPhone X

Please optimize the Spotify app for the iPhone X.


There are black bars at the top and bottom in the app, and because of that, the app doesn't look very great on the device. I'm sure that it's possible to "fix" this in the next few days/weeks so that the app is looking great on all devices again.



Thanks! 😅

Updated on 2017-12-08

Hey folks, 


This has now been implemented in the latest verison of Spotify. If you can't see this update, we'd recommend following the steps here


Thanks for the reports!

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On iPhone X when I searched Spotify for something it no longer allows me to go back to my playlist. Please fix it!


C’mon Spotify get your stuff together. Optimize the app for iPhone X. 


I agree, they had a while to get the app ready for launch why is it not?

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u can do it spotify 👏

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Updated on 2017-11-04

Nice idea! Marked as a new idea 🙂


Lol of course it’s not updated .... to think people actually pay you for a service and you can’t even get your apps ready

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 Yeah! Please take advantage of the new screen size and shape...Spotify is fun and creative and I think you could do something great. 


My "upvote" button is not working, so I'll comment instead. 


Please update for iPhone X. 

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This really needs to happen quick time. My wallpaper app has updated for iPhone X before Spotify, and I pay for it!!