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Ability to "Shelf" songs for some time for when the algorythm keeps playing them to death

Just as the title says. The automatic algorythm sometimes has trouble rotating songs and gets "stuck" to certain ones, playing them in many playlists and in random play again and again for years at a time even.

An ability to "Shelf" songs for certain amounts of time, like for example, 6 months or a year so they have a chance to recover and not have the "Convenience store christmas song" effect on the listener
It would also help with finding new songs in the middle of familiar ones in random play and assure longevity and variety overall


I'd love to be able to do the same with podcasts I've just unfollowed, it keeps recommending things for months I've just shown disinterest or actual dislike towards, wasting space that could be used to suggest something new


I like this... shelve the song, snooze it, set it aside for a while, whatever it's called, but you don't have to unlike it, and Spotify doesn't remove it from the model that recommends other music for you.