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[All Platforms] Setting for max Cache Size Allowance

The android version of Spotify currently doesn't have a setting for how much disk space the cache is allowed to take up, so it just keeps getting larger and larger until the entire drive is full. 


A music streaming app should not need several gigabytes of  drive space. Give us the option to cap this - getting real tired of getting told I'm out of disk space and having to manually wipe it.

Updated on 2021-06-07

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Updated on 2018-01-04

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When using Spotify on an Android phone, over time, Spotify cache fills all the space available to it (several GB). After storage is filled, I need to delete all Spotify data from my phone, then log in again. This makes Spotify freeze several times, and takes half an hour altogether. This happens once about two weeks on a 16 GB phone (Huawei P8 Lite). Storage management features cannot touch Spotify caches.


Please develop the Spotify mobile app to do one of the following:

  • Make Spotify cache available for third party cache management apps (e.g. the one shipped by the phone OEM) to be deleted.
  • Limit Spotify cache to a reasonable size (< 1 GB) at all times.
  • Make a setting that allows an user to limit cache size.
  • Make a button that allows users to delete the Spotify cache without the user being logged out (or Spotify crashing)
  • Make the cache deletion experience less painful. (Delete cache button -> progress bar -> Done, please log in again -> Log in activity)

I have this exact problem. Spotify please fix.

  • this bothers me so much too. if you just fill up the users drive until it's full, maybe you need to start employing UX people.

I think this would be a great feature on desktop app too.


I have found a workaround for this. CCleaner (for Android, a freemium product) will correctlys recognize Spotify cache thrash, and will correctly clean it up even if Spotify is running.

For people with problems with Spotify Cache Management, please try this workaround. The support issue still stands, it is clearly a bug that Spotify will not do this automatically, or have an internal feature to delete the cache without having to re-login.


  a must !!!!


I totally agree with you - note that the Deezer app for Android can limit the use of the cache memory -



Same with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910C.


Right after updating the app and ornwhen the cache exceeds. All saved music data will be grayed out and you need to log out and log back in and re-sync your entire library and other offline playlist which is a pain in the back. Total inconvenience.


Hope they find a solution to fix this. Nit every can update their phones to the latest model or rather expand their memory storage. It really sucks. 


Hello @csillaggyujto,


Are you looking to clear cache easier? Did you try going to your library, then settings in the top right and then scroll down to the bottom and click clear cache and saved data?