[All Platforms] Setting for max Cache Size Allowance

The android version of Spotify currently doesn't have a setting for how much disk space the cache is allowed to take up, so it just keeps getting larger and larger until the entire drive is full. 


A music streaming app should not need several gigabytes of  drive space. Give us the option to cap this - getting real tired of getting told I'm out of disk space and having to manually wipe it.


It's ridiculous that Spotify simply won't solve this problem, all they say is post here and get votes and then we will consider implementing and bla bla. I think its not that hard to implement such basic feature.


Totally right.
My phone space is already full! 
Almost 5 GB of space as an app!
And i DON'T have any offline downloaded song.
Need something to control it 🙂


Don't worry, I'm adding +50 votes to that idea 🙂

It is a must-have.


Google play music has a checkbox setting where you can say whether or not to download songs as you play them. I assume when the setting is off it deletes the cached song once playback completes. Either that or a way to limit the cache size would be very helpful. Another option would be to have a button to just remove the song cache. On android system it unfortunately shows up as data, so the system clear cache does not work. Currently in the app the only option is to clear all data which means to clear the songs I have to log in again, which is very annoying.


Hi @phan_times !

Of course, I tried that, but clicking that button would mean I'd have to log in again, and manually set my settings back (sound quality, ad opt-outs). The best solution would be that Spotify would manage cache on her own (perhaps with a setting, so that device owners could balance 4G usage and device flash space), the second best would be that Spotify would give me an option that deletes the cache, but not my settings and the login token. The workaround I have mentioned does that.


 Totally agree. We need this feature!


Yes, please. This is annoying and really eliminates the point of streaming in the first place. Setting some sort of limit (i.e. 1GB, 500M, etc.) would be extremely useful.


Fully agree... Basic feature is missing to limit the cache! 


Does your workaround distinguish between the cache and downloaded songs?

Casual Listener

Yes, they need to fix this, very amateurish cache management by spotify. I have to clear out the entire app once a month because it takes over all the free space on my phone.


But apparently they won't do their job until they get enough 'kudos'.


I suspect there are a bunch of less tech-savvy people out there with phones that are compeltely full and have no idea that it's spotify that is doing it.


If spotify refuse to fix this maybe we should contact google?